Life After Divorce

5 Tips for Dating After Divorce in Manhattan 

dating after divorce in ManhattanAre you towards the tail end of your divorce or recently divorced?  Then maybe you have started thinking about getting back into the dating scene.  Before you rush into a new relationship, it is important to consider the best way to start dating again. 

Take the Proper Time to Heal 

The first thing to consider is to make sure that you heal before jumping into a new relationship or dating scene.  A divorce may leave you with deep psychological wounds that can unveil when you are pursuing a new relationship.  Work on self-care and healing and when you feel like you are in a better headspace mentally; then the timing may be right to consider dating again. 

Learn from Your Past Marriage and Relationships

Even bad relationships are a good learning experience.  Take the time to evaluate your marriage and analyze what went wrong.  Could you have identified the warning signs earlier?  Do you have a habit of falling into the same relationship patterns?  It is imperative to learn from the past, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. 

Be Willing to Seek Professional Help

If you are apprehensive or scared of dating because you have gone through a rough divorce, do not be afraid to get professional help.  If your divorce has taken a psychological toll on your health, it may be beneficial to speak to a therapist, counselor or relationship coach who can help you move forward.  Having a professional to talk to may also help you understand your emotions so you can determine why you may have been experiencing them, identify your triggers and manage them when they arise.  This will make you a better partner.  

Spend Some Time Alone Before Jumping into Dating     

When you have been in a marriage for so many years and are used to having someone around, it is important to rediscover yourself.  Before you start dating, take a moment to rediscover who you are and what makes you happy.  Sometimes, people lose their own identity when they are in a marriage because they spend so much time trying to please their spouse that they forgot to focus on themselves.  After your divorce, start by taking a solo trip to a new destination that you have always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity.  Furthermore, take the time to discover new hobbies and try new things. 

Take Things Slow

Once you do start dating, remember to take things slow.  It would be pointless to go from one bad relationship to the next. Really take the time to get to know your future partner and determine if their values, lifestyle, and beliefs align with yours.  Also be aware of any red flags and do not ignore red flags when you first see them; the situation will only get worst once you are in a committed relationship.  

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How to Handle Post-Divorce Child Custody Conflicts During the Pandemic

Post-Divorce Child CustodyThe COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually every aspect of life. It should come as no surprise, then, that those changes have extended to post-divorce child custody. While the agreements made by former spouses during the divorce process were almost certainly made with the best interests of the child in mind, the truth is that the pandemic has no respect for such agreements. As such, there are a few basic steps that should be taken to ensure a safe and effective custody arrangement during these trying times.

While difficult, the first thing to do is to be realistic about how the pandemic is going to impact your custody arrangements. A parent being quarantined may cause one party to lose his or her visitation time, so an alternate arrangement should be found if possible. Likewise, changes in the availability of travel or childcare will have to be looked at to determine how the child's routine will be changed. These changes will be quick and often difficult, but it will be up to the parents to ensure that they are navigated as smoothly as possible.

If communication between the parents is possible. it is often a good idea to make a parenting plan for COVID-19. This will include both the steps that both parents will take to keep the children safe as well as basic steps that can be taken when unusual circumstances occur. Referring to this agreement can help the parents to better adapt without having to hash out the argument every time the situation changes.

With this said, there will be times when disagreements occur, and steps may need to be taken in order to keep the children safe. While in-person mediation is unlikely to occur in many areas, mediation through teleconferencing can be an effective way to allow both parents to have their say while still allowing a third party to mediate the situation. In those situations when a compromise is impossible, it may be necessary to go to court in order to have the custody arrangement temporarily changed in order to better navigate the new reality of COVID-19.

There is no easy way to co-parent during COVID-19 but there are steps that you can take to simplify the process. Try to be realistic about the situation and make whatever compromises you can, but make sure that you're willing to work to ensure that your child is kept as safe as possible. If you are dealing with a post-divorce child custody issue, make sure to contact the Sabra Law Group at 646-472-7971 to get the help you need.












How to Cope with the Mental Anguish of Divorce

Mental anguish of divorceDivorce is never easy, even when you know that it's the right thing for you. You may be plagued by feelings of doubt and remorse. Perhaps you'll even experience moments where you wonder if getting divorced is a mistake.

The mental anguish of divorce may seem endless, but with coping strategies, you can begin to change your perspective. The first step is acknowledging that you're going to experience a huge range of emotions throughout the process. While these emotions can be intense, they also are normal. Similarly, your feelings are not permanent. They will change, and this is ok too. Venturing into unknown territory always involves discomfort.

Another way to cope with the mental anguish of divorce is to use good self-care practices. Spend some time reflecting on what makes you feel better in this difficult time. Do you like to soak in a hot bath? Sit back with a cup of tea? Play basketball with your kids? Take a long hike in the wilderness? Whether you want to spend time with supportive friends and family or take a few hours for yourself, it's important to regularly engage in activities that are all about taking care of yourself.

It also makes sense to avoid fighting with your soon-to-be-former spouse as much as possible. Productive discussions and negotiations are fine, but as soon as the interaction veers into the territory of an argument, it's time to disengage. Fighting is almost always counterproductive at this point.

In the interests of taking care of yourself and avoiding fights, another way to improve your mental outlook is by choosing to mediate your divorce rather than litigating. Mediation is less confrontational and far more collaborative. Rather than fighting over every small decision, mediation gives you and your family a chance to heal and make helpful, healthy choices.

Additionally, mediation tends to resolve issues and the divorce process far more quickly than litigation does. The upshot is that your family is able to move forward more efficiently. This may go a long way toward soothing your mental anguish so that you can develop a more hopeful outlook.

If you are looking for help coping with the mental anguish of divorce, then contact the Sabra Law Group at (646) 472-7971. These legal professionals will guide you through the mediation process so that you can move on with your life.







Life After Divorce Can Be Fulfilling if You Take the Right Steps

life after divorceOne of the reasons that most people put off divorce is because they are scared to be alone; they are also scared of what their life may look like post-divorce.  However, life after divorce doesn’t have to be lonely or boring.  


If one of your biggest fears of getting divorced is loneliness, consider adopting or fostering a pet.  There are so many pets in animal shelters that need a loving home, and in return have so much love to give.


5 Reasons Getting a Pet Can Make You Feel Better After Divorce


  1. A pet gives you a sense of purpose
  2. Pets help reduce stress and anxiety levels
  3. Taking care of a pet takes the focus off of you and your problems
  4. If your pet happens to be a puppy/or dog, it forces you to get out of the house for daily walks which promotes a healthy lifestyle
  5. You won’t feel as lonely because your new pet will cuddle with you and want to play with you


If you are still feeling a bit lost or sad even with a pet, there are other things that you can do to heal from divorce.


One of the most important things is to practice self-care.  Self-care means putting yourself first and remembering to take care of yourself.  Self-care can incorporate many different aspects: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.   Self-care also means knowing who to let in your life and who to keep out (negative people).


There may be days when you don’t feel like doing anything or getting out of the house and those are the days when you need to think of what makes you happy; then go do those things.


Some Activities that You Can Do to Improve Your State of Mind Are:


  1. Yoga/Exercise/Walk
  2. Go to the spa or have a spa day at home
  3. Order food from your favorite restaurant or cook your favorite meal
  4. Watch a funny movie or funny videos
  5. Take a road trip (by yourself)


With the right planning and preparation, divorce can be a positive experience.  Think of divorce as a new opportunity to truly discover yourself and fall in love…with yourself.


If you are contemplating divorce and have questions about divorcing in New York, contact Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971.






The Importance of Taking Care of Your Health During and After Divorce

Health After DivorceEveryone knows that divorce can be one of the most stressful life events that one can go through.  Because the stress of divorce can take a toll on your mental and physical health; it is important to have a plan in place to ensure that your health is not sacrificed during a divorce.


3 Ways to Guard Your Health During and After a Divorce


Once you really dive into the details of what is involved in getting a divorce, it can leave you feeling tired and emotionally drained.   Just the thought of having to deal with child custody, finances, and living arrangements is enough to trigger anxiety in many people. 


One of the best things you can focus on and do have control over is your diet and nutrition.  It is best to be mindful of what you are putting in your body during and after divorce.  Even though the easier option is to eat fast food rather than cook healthy meals; acknowledge that your body will pay the price for eating badly.   Today, there are many options for healthy eating such as meal plans, meals that literally cook themselves in an instant pot, meal prepping, or making smoothies at home with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Whether you have time to cook or not, there are many options out there depending on your unique needs.   It might even be beneficial to consult a dietitian who can help you plan out high energy meals. 


The second thing that you can do is to focus on building up your self-confidence by focusing on your health goals.  For some people, that may mean getting back in the gym 3-4 times a week, for others, it may be taking a yoga or meditation class, and perhaps even a dance class. Exercise and meditation are an incremental part of a healthy lifestyle and keeping your energy levels up and your stress levels down. 


The third thing that you can do is to set new habits.  Since divorce will force you to make changes in your day to day life; it also makes sense to use this opportunity to set new healthy habits for yourself.  This means that you need to take time out for yourself (or make time for yourself).  It means you have to determine what activities make you happy or make you feel energized and then make time to do those things.  Whether that means you want to take a cooking class, dance class or join a sports club, do something that you are excited about.


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How to Recover from Divorce and Get Healthy Again

Recover From Divorce and Get HealthyDivorce can take a serious toll on your emotional, physical and spiritual health.  In some cases, divorce is mutual and it doesn’t come as a complete shock.  In other cases, divorce can come as a complete shock and leave you devastated.    


It is much easier to absorb the news of divorce when you know that your marriage has been in trouble for years, however, when divorce comes out of nowhere; it is very difficult to take in and recover.


Here are some tips below to help you get back to normal and feel healthy again, both emotionally and physically.


  1. Maintain Healthy Eating Habits:  Make sure you are eating breakfast every morning.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that fuels your energy.  Do not skip meals because you are trying to lose weight or too busy to eat.  Be cognizant about the type of food you consume and do not resort to fast food just because you don’t have time to cook.  There are many pick up and go healthy options at local grocery stores and prepared meal stores.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water and Fluids:  Water is essential for physiologic health.  It also helps aid digestion.  You can also try coconut water that has electrolytes and potassium.  It you do not like drinking plain water, consider making a pitcher of fruit infused water. You can experiment with lemons, oranges, cucumbers, strawberries or other flavorful fruits.


  1. Get Enough Sleep:  You probably have a good idea of what your body requires in terms of sleep.  Some people can get by on 4-6 hours of sleep, whereas; others need 6-8 hours at a minimum.  One pattern you want to avoid is oversleeping as that can leave you feeling sluggish and tired.


  1. Try Meditation or Yoga: Because dealing with divorce is highly stressful, incorporating physical activities that can help you de-stress and maintain inner peace will be helpful and comforting.  For instance, try meditating once or twice a day for a few minutes.  You can try the Headspace app or Calm app to help guide you through relaxation and meditation. 


  1. Exercise:  Exercising means different things for different people.  Depending on what type of exercise you prefer, there are many options available.  You can try walking, jogging, bicycling, going to the gym, taking a dance class, or even kick-boxing.


If you are in the beginning stages of divorce, contact Sabra Divorce Mediation for assistance with your divorce process at (646) 472-7971

How to Plan for Retirement When Going Through a Divorce in New York

Divorce in New York

Going through a divorce can be a very difficult thing. This is especially true if you are nearing retirement. In such cases, you have to bear the risk of losing out on a significant portion of your savings. However, this does not need to be the case. With the right kind of legal guidance and prudent planning, you can protect your retirement fund. Here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Pre-Nuptial Agreement

In this day and age where almost half of all marriages in the US end in divorces, it is completely negligent to not have a prenup. While you might enter into a matrimonial bond purely based on romantic feelings, that does not exempt you from being prudent. However, most divorce cases do not have a prenup and if you are reading this, then, while it is probably already too late for a prenup, a post-nuptial agreement may be appropriate. Nevertheless, any person looking to get married should invest in a prenup that protects them, their assets and their children in case of divorce.

  1. Grounds for Divorce

During the hearing of a divorce case, it is very important to explain its cause. For example, if your spouse has had an adulterous relationship, then that is certainly grounds for divorce. Further, you can protect your finances from being split up with your former spouse. However, you are going to need sound professional advice in order to make that happen.

  1. The Agreement

It may happen that you want to get a divorce, but your spouse does not. Or it can be the case that your spouse has filed for divorce and now you might lose part of your savings. In such situations, you should seek out legal help as soon as possible. The details of every case are unique as are the people who are going to be advocating for each side. The best way to come out on top is to hire reputable and experienced divorce lawyers who can negotiate a favorable divorce agreement on your behalf.

Where Can You Get Legal Help to Plan for Retirement and Divorce in New York?

Sabra Law Group is one of the leading divorce specialists in New York. Sabra has helped countless clients resolve their divorces with the least impact possible on their retirement plans. Ensure your freedom and future security comes at the least possible price. Call 646-472-7971 and book an appointment with Sabra today!

How to Have a Happy Holiday Season After Divorce

The holidays are stressful enough, and when divorce gets added to the equation, it increases stress.   Regardless of the timing of your divorce, there is never an ideal time for divorce.  This is especially true when you have to break the news of divorce to your children. 

If your divorce was recently finalized or if you are in the process of a divorce, this may be your first holiday season apart.  For your children, there will be an adjustment period.  Children look forwards to spending special occasions and holidays with both of their parents. 

Even though your children cannot be in two places at the same time, there are some tips to ease the pain.   Follow the suggestions below for a merrier holiday season:

  1. Plan Something New & Exciting: Children may be accustomed to traditions from the past.  Create new traditions that can make their holiday season a happy and memorable one.  Ask them to make a list of 5 things they have been meaning to do or try but haven’t yet.  Once you have the list, you can plan a surprise for them and build some new, beautiful memories together.
  2. Make Time to Talk to Your Children:  This means to make time to really discuss their feelings and ask them (if they are old enough) how they are coping with the pressure of everything.  Children have their own set of stress at school.  Your children may be dealing with bullying, peer pressure, or having issues with their grades.  By showing them that you are there to listen to them and support them, it may help them open up about their feelings about the divorce as well.
  3. Respect Your Children’s Wishes:  If your children really want to spend time with your former spouse, do not deprive them of that.  Remember to always put the best interest of your children first. You can always a find a way to effectively co-parent if you work together instead of against each other.  It is essential to remember that the more accommodating you are, the easier the custody process will be.

You Can Have a Happy Holiday Season After Divorce

If you or someone you know is facing divorce and needs assistance with a parenting plan or divorce mediation, Sabra’s Divorce Mediation process can help.  Contact Sabra Law Group today for to schedule your confidential consultation at (646) 472-7971.

Handling Holiday Child Custody Arrangements in Manhattan

With the holidays quickly approaching, there are so many things to handle.  One of the most important things to handle is child custody arrangements for the holidays. 

Below are some tips on handling child custody arrangements in Manhattan

  1. Plan ahead:  never wait until the last minute to sort out child custody arrangements with your ex.  The sooner you start planning, the better.   Hopefully, you already have a written schedule of custody for your children throughout the year.  However, for some reason, if you don’t, the first step should be to agree on a schedule for child custody. 
  2. Take your children’s wishes into consideration: If your children are old enough to be in middle school or high school, they may have some excursions in mind.  Ask your children if there is something specific they would enjoy doing during the winter break.  This will help you plan accordingly when it comes to custody.  Your child may have a friend’s birthday party they want to attend and you book a family vacation without consulting them; they will not be happy. 
  3. Don’t micro-manage what your ex does when he/she is with your children.  If you are too busy constantly nagging your ex, you will be missing quality time with your children.  It is hard to tell your ex who to bring around or not when your children are over, so choose your battles wisely. 
  4. Be more concerned with making your own winter plans, rather than be obsessed about what your ex is doing.  Your ex may have an extravagant trip planned with his/her significant other.  If you show jealously or try to interfere with their plans, it will only create more conflict.  The holidays are stressful enough without creating unnecessary conflict.  Spend your time focusing on your plans and what you can do with the children to have a memorable holiday season.  Create your own experiences and memories that are just as fabulous as your ex’s activities. 
  5. When you do have to see your ex, be polite and respectful.   Even if your ex can frustrate you, don’t let it be seen.  The more you show your frustration, the more your ex will irritate you.  Set the example and be the kind of person that you would want exemplify for your children.  It is essential to remember that your children may be in the background, listening to your conversations. 

If you need to alter your child custody arrangements in Manhattan, call Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971.  And we can help you with creating or altering parenting plans.  Give us a call today.


Dealing with Divorce During the Holiday Season in Manhattan

Dealing with divorce is never easy, let alone during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  The holiday season is a stressful time for many people.  There are so many things to consider: family gatherings, holiday shopping, deadlines at work and providing for your children. 

The holiday season also happens to be at the end of the year, which is the time when people start reflecting on their life and how they want to spend next year.    For some people, a new year approaching causes them to evaluate their situation.  They realize that they no longer want to be in an unhappy marriage.  They also realize that they want their freedom, so they can live life on their terms.   

Follow the tips below to get through the holiday season with positive emotions: 

  1. Help those less fortunate – get out and volunteer at a local homeless shelter or an animal shelter.   There are also other charities you can get involved with if you want to help the elderly. Volunteering your time to do some good deeds will keep you busy so you have less time to feel down.It will also bring you satisfaction as there is no better feeling than helping others.
  2. Make some new holiday traditions or try something completely new – You may have traditions that you have followed year after year, however, try to change it up.   By changing the routine plans, and doing something completely different, you will feel excited about the holidays.  Also, it gives you something to look forward to.
  3. Book a spa day – If you are the type of person who always puts others first, it is critical to take time out just for yourself.  Book a spa day with no distractions from the children, email or cell phone.  There are so many options today from a simple 20 minute back massage, to a full body massage, even a floating meditation or a salt room experience. Furthermore, if you have the resources to travel, book a mini-weekend getaway and explore a new town or city you have never been to. And with the holiday discounts and websites such as Groupon and Living Social, there is an opportunity for every budget.
  1. Plan fun activities with your children – If you plan your activities in advance, you can ensure that they are more likely to happen.  If you want to take your children to see the Nutcracker but wait until the last minute, tickets might be sold out.   Create a “fun” calendar for the family and ask your children to contribute their ideas for fun activities they would like to try. 

Are You Dealing with Divorce During the Holiday Season in Manhattan?

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