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How to Prepare for Your Child Custody Battle in New York

One of the most significant issues divorcing couples cannot agree upon is child custody. Both parents usually want the best for their children, however, many divorcing couples find that they have different ideas about what is best for the child, … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Marital Debt and Divorce in New York

In a divorce, just as marital assets are split up so is marital debt.  While both spouses may be awarded a division of the marital assets and be burdened with a division of the marital debt, it is also important … Continue reading

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How to Protect Your Children from Parental Conflict During Divorce

  Divorcing couples may not agree on much but one thing that they can probably agree on is that they both want what is best for their children. Divorce is a very difficult and stressful time and children will feel … Continue reading

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