marriage therapy

Sabra Law Group Interview with Child & Marriage Therapist Antonia Di Leo

In this latest “Ask the Experts” blog series with Sabra Law Group, the law firm
interviews New York based experts in child and marriage therapy. This particular
interview is with Antonia Di Leo, licensed marriage and family therapist and
clinical director at Cornell & Associates Marriage and Family Therapy in New
York City.

When should you consider marriage therapy/counseling?

“Marriage counseling or couple therapy could be beneficial prior to getting
married. We have many couples who engage in premarital counseling to work
through difficult topics that often come up during the marriage.”

How do you convince your partner to participate in marriage counseling?

“If your spouse is not comfortable with counseling, it might be helpful to suggest
books to read together, look through a few websites to get a feel for some
therapists and then possibly offer to have a call with a therapist to see if it's a
good fit. Alternatively, you can partake in individual counseling to work through
coping strategies in the marriage.”

What are some things you should and shouldn’t say in marriage therapy, if
there’s anything off the table?

“During therapy, it is best if the couple stays on task and does not blame or
criticize their partner in order to keep the conversation moving forward.”

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