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The Financial Aspects and Considerations of Divorce

Whether they are amicable or not, divorces are always messy. This is because disentangling the couple's combined financial and property interests rarely is easy. Who gets the house? Do you get to keep your 401(k)? How much is all of … Continue reading

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Why Keeping Your Divorce Out of Court Can Save You Time and Money 

Too frequently, people assume that the only way to complete divorce proceedings is in court. They envision numerous court dates in which all the details of their divorce are argued over and decided. This perception may prevail in divorces that … Continue reading

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Why the COVID-19 Pandemic is Causing More Divorces and Breakups

All of the quarantining that started back in March has been causing married couples to be forced to spend more time together.  While for some lucky couples, the extra time spent together can be a blessing and bring them closer … Continue reading

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