Stages of Divorce

A Manhattan Divorce Mediator Shares the Stages of Divorce People Go Through


Divorce is never easy and the loss of losing a loved one that you planned on spending your entire life with can be devastating. It can be extremely difficult to come to terms with divorce but sometimes there is no other choice. A Manhattan divorce mediator shares the stages of divorce people can go through when divorcing.


It May Be Normal to Experience Denial


Maybe it’s your spouse that wants a divorce and you want to keep your marriage intact, it can be difficult to accept the fact that your spouse wants a divorce.  It is important to realize that whatever you do, their mind may be made up. 


Denial may be a coping mechanism, but it is important to get past this stage.  Seek support from friends, family, and professionals such as a therapist or family law attorney who can guide you during this difficult time.


You May Experience Anger


Maybe your spouse betrayed you or cheated on you; it is normal to be angry.  You may be angry with your spouse for doing this to you, but you may also be angry at yourself for not seeing the signs sooner.  It is imperative to remember that this is just a stage of divorce you are going through, and it will not last forever. 


You May Try to Negotiate


In this stage you may try to question yourself and figure out if you could have negotiated for a better outcome. You may even feel guilty for not making the marriage work or feel like you are a failure. If you have children, that complicates matters even further and some parents decide to stay in a bad marriage just for the sake of the children.


Children are sensitive to their surroundings so even though it may seem hard to get divorced it may be the best for your children.  Remember, that your children deserve a healthy and peaceful environment to live in. 


You May Feel Sad or Hopeless


It is natural to feel sad or even feel some type of depression from the realization that your marriage may be coming to an end. There may be days where you find it difficult to get out of bed or you don't feel like talking to friends, however, taking a walk and getting some fresh air and exercise can do wonders for your mental health.


You May Finally Come to Terms with Your Divorce


When you accept the fact that divorce is inevitable you might start to have hope for the future and start making plans to focus on yourself. You may even consider taking a vacation or planning a new career or even thinking about dating again.


The key is to make sure that you're always making time for yourself and your self-care. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, do yoga, meditate, and get professional help if needed. Take on a new hobby, take a road trip, get a pet, whatever it is that makes your heart happy.


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