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How Domestic Violence Can Impact Child Custody in Manhattan

Domestic violence is always a difficult topic to discuss, however, it is important to know how to protect your children if they may have been impacted by domestic violence. The most critical thing to keep in mind is to remove … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Financial Implications of Divorce in New York 

If you are getting divorced in New York and do not have a prenuptial agreement it is important to prepare for the financial implications of divorce in New York.  It is important to know that your assets will be divided … Continue reading

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5 Factors That May Lead to Divorce in Manhattan 

While there is really no way to predict if a marriage will sustain for the long term or not, there are divorce predictors to watch out for.   Money and Financial Issues Money can always cause problems in a marriage. … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Dating After Divorce in Manhattan 

Are you towards the tail end of your divorce or recently divorced?  Then maybe you have started thinking about getting back into the dating scene.  Before you rush into a new relationship, it is important to consider the best way … Continue reading

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