Thank you, Sabra, for your patience, sensitivity and your flexibility.   You completely understood our entire situation and knew all of the steps to getting our divorce papers in order – after a more than 17 year delay by me and my husband.  I now feel that I can get my affairs in order and get out of limbo.  You are highly recommended..  – MB

“Sabra was great to work with. She explains things well, and she is prompt and thorough when answering questions. She is friendly and very approachable, which made me feel less intimidated by the whole divorce process. I would highly recommend her.” 
– Rebecca Conley

I met Sabra Sasson after going through three different lawyers during my divorce procedure. She was the lawyer that finally understood the issues I was facing during these trying times and found the best settlement for me. I highly recommend Sabra because she was there for me for each step of the way and had a great understanding of my needs and finding the best solution for all the parties. 
– Diana Maltz

My husband and I decided to use a mediator to navigate our divorce.  In addition, we each retained our own counsel to make sure what we were agreeing to was in our best interest—or at least to know what was happening in the courts in similar situations.  I met Sabra in this capacity (as consulting attorney) and found her to be informed, detail-oriented and highly professional while warm and supportive.  During this crappy time I felt like I had an educated someone on my side looking out for me when I was not at my most clear-headed.  
– S.S.

Sabra made the divorce process human. She delicately presented facts that existed while simultaneously understanding that I was going through a traumatic experience. I never felt like I was “just another account”. When questions existed, she was able to provide answers. The ongoing communication with Sabra allowed for certainty during an uncertain period of my life. I have learned that it is important to have a professional by your side through the divorce process, regardless of how amicable or hostile. Without Sabra I would have made emotional knee jerk choices that would have crippled my relationships, mental state, and personal and financial assets. 
– Michael Cedar

When my former Husband and I decided to file for divorce, we were both a bit unsure of the legal process of filing as well as the separation of assets.  We were referred to Sabra through another professional who knew of her work in mediation  (which speaks volumes about of her network.)  Sabra listened to our needs and very judiciously handled any logistical and emotional situations that arose. I felt very comfortable with her. I found her fees to be reasonable as well. Sabra has certainly changed my opinion of the New York lawyer from negative to positive. Divorce mediation does not have to be nasty process. I would highly recommend her services to anyone considering divorce mediation. I thank Sabra for making ours a fluid and relatively easy process. 
– K.S.

I considered mediation because it was a less intrusive, less confrontational way to get divorced when both parties wanted a divorce and wanted it done in the most civil, efficient way possible. Litigation seemed so “big” and nasty to me. I have found that mediation allows both parties to speak about their wants and needs with the divorce without the harsh formality that litigated divorce seems to have. You can actually deal with your husband or wife, with a third party there to help, instead of the long, impersonal process of lawyers dealing with each other on your behalf. You feel like you are an empowered part of your divorce and it is significantly more cost effective than litigation. While the mediation process took longer than I thought it would, I don’t think the length of time was negative – we were able to draft a divorce agreement that was incredibly unique to our situation and spoke exactly what we wanted about our future apart and our future with our children. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect or what to even want out of a divorce agreement until we started the process. It is not without bumps and snags, but as I can’t imagine having to have lawyers and court dates and all the fuss and bother around litigation, I think it was the best choice for my situation and I would recommend mediation to others considering divorce. 
– Katherine Grandey

Being that we have two young children together our main goal was to keep this process as simple and painless as possible. Having gone through my parents’ divorce at a young age I can remember the fights and the constant hatred that filled our house as they were separating. The one thing I was determined to do is not let that kind of environment make its way into my and my family’s home. I realize now that it is possible to still have a family with a mother and father and have them be in two different places. That doesn’t mean that their children should have to experience that difference as a negative. The most important thing for both of us is to make sure that our children know we love them and would do anything for them. They should never be made to think that our separation had anything to do with them. I felt like the best way to keep that horrible environment I had to deal with when I was a child is to use mediation as our means to divorce.  Mediation certainly wasn’t easy but it was much better than the alternative.  When looking for a mediator try and find someone you feel you can trust and seems to put equal favor in both party’s interests. And remember, that person is not there to give you the better deal, they are there to record your collective decisions as to how the divorce will be handled and the terms at which you both agree.
– Andy Byers

My name is Scott. I got divorced very recently. I am very grateful to Sabra for assisting me through difficult times. My first impression was about honesty and fairne. This was my first divorce. Sabra told me what my estranged wife is entitled to as far as financial compensation is concerned. I was fighting to pay less out of anger an hurt. I initially felt that Sabra was nto on my side but I quickly realized she was really speaking from what NY family law says about the compensation. She pointed out why the compensation was fair.

My divorce case was supposed to be straight forward. I only had cash assets to split. My estranged wife and I had one daughter. I had instructed Sabra to layout terms that meets my estranged wife's financial demands. The negotiations over divorce settlement reached an impassed over the custtody of our child. My estranged wife's argument was that I was not capable of taking care of our daughter by myself. My estranged wife demanded full physical custody. I tried communicating with my estranged wife without much success. This was very frustrating.

The divorce was initiated by my estranged wife. Sabra made the judgement call and recommended that we go to the court to ask my estranged wife to show reasons why she could not agreee to the joint physical custody. Sabra was saying that my estranged wife and her lawyer were stalling.   Sabra said that the temporary visitation can be perceived as acceptable by me if this negotiation continued too long. Sabra's argument is that our daughter is entitled to see both parents equally and I was as much of a parent as my estranged wife is.

We went to court last November. I can't tell you how Sabra was so right about going to court. My estranged wife's argument was rejected by the court. Sabra pointed out that mistakes the other lawyer made. I was so happy to know that Sabra knew the recent changes that were made in family laws. The other lawyer was embarrassed. The /court clerk pretty much yelled at him for being careless and ignorant.

I can say perhaps my luck has played an important role in me obtaining the resullt I wanted. My divorce was settled on the first day we went to court. This is something I didn't expect.I can imagine the mental anguish men and women go through during divorce. I have heard stories of divorce ligitigation that took months and years.

I felt a sense of relief and freedom after walking out of the court house that day. I am paying out 66% of child support, 50% of child care, plus I have agree to put away a significant amount for a 529 college tuition fund. However, I get to be in my daughter's life equally. That's what mattered most to me. My daughter's name is Katie. I love her dearly. I can't thank Sabra enough for making all of this happen.

Thank you Sabra.
-Scott SEO