How to Date After a Divorce in New York

How to Date After a Divorce In New YorkAfter years of being married, venturing out into the dating scene can be scary, especially in a big city like New York.  This does not mean that you should not get back out there, but more so, have a game plan on dating in New York. Learn how to date after a divorce in New York.


Build Up Your Confidence Level


Coming out of a bad marriage can take a toll on your mental health and confidence level.  So, step one before you do anything else is to work on your confidence level. There are many different ways you can build up your confidence level.  One way is to practice affirmations.  Look in the mirror every morning and say some positive affirmations about what you or others love about you.  Another way to build your confidence is to learn a new skill or activity; whether you have been wanting to take salsa lessons or a cooking class, get out there and explore new activities. Try a new hairstyle or hair color and treat yourself to a nice dinner or a favorite excursion.


Get Out and Socialize


One of the great things about living in a big city like New York is that there is never a lack of things to do or events to go to.  Consider some social or charity events, or even volunteering for your favorite charity.  You can also look into Meetup groups on or start your own group.  You may also be able to find groups on there for recently divorced people. Eventbrite also lists local events in your area.


Be Sensitive to Your Children’s Feelings


Depending on the age range of your children, you may need to have a conversation with them about your intention to start dating.  You may also consider not introducing them to anyone that you are not serious with because kids are very sensitive to meeting strangers after a divorce.


Don’t Expect to Get it All Right


If dating seems awkward at first, give yourself some grace that you have been out of the dating scene for so many years.  Also, don’t have any expectations in the beginning.  Get out there and enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. Also, if you feel like you are not ready to date…there is no reason to rush it or “date” just because you think you should be. There is no right or wrong time to start dating and everyone has to do what is best for them.


Currently Separated or Going Through a Divorce?


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