How to De-Stress During the Holidays When Facing Divorce

Even if you are facing divorce during the holidays, there are many ways to make your holidays less stressful.  We all know that the holidays are such a hectic time; family coming into town, children out of school, holiday shopping, … Continue reading

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How to Bring Up a Prenup When Getting Engaged During the Holidays

Many people decide that the holiday season is the ideal time to get engaged.  The particular holiday doesn’t really matter, it could be on Hanukah, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve.  What matters is how do you bring up the sensitive … Continue reading

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Prenuptial Agreements for Same Sex Couples in New York

In 2011, same sex marriage in New York became legal. It was a happy day for many families across the state, and with the ability of same-sex couples from other states to get married in New York too, many people … Continue reading

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How the New Tax Law Will Impact Spousal Support Calculations in New York in January 2019

Changes go into effect on January 1, 2019, that will impact spousal support payments for people who divorce in 2019. The signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017 created changes that will impact couples who divorce … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Effective Co-Parenting After Divorce

Even though divorce may end the legal bond between you and your former spouse, you are still tethered forever if you have children together.       If you do have children, the most important consideration should be regarding their well-being … Continue reading

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Understanding a Domestic Partnership Agreement in New York

If the two people agree on living together or agree to have a domestic partnership in New York, then it is totally legal and confirmed. With a lot of benefits, Domestic Partnership Agreement stands in favor of the confirmed status … Continue reading

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How to Recover from Divorce and Get Healthy Again

Divorce can take a serious toll on your emotional, physical and spiritual health.  In some cases, divorce is mutual and it doesn’t come as a complete shock.  In other cases, divorce can come as a complete shock and leave you … Continue reading

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How to Deal with Back to School and Divorce

For parents going through a divorce, it can be stressful for them as well as for their children who still live at home.  It is important to take notice of any behavioral changes in your children.  Transitional times can also … Continue reading

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It Takes More Than Love to Get to Marriage

Even though love may be a great foundation for marriage, love alone is never enough.  A couple must have more than just love to get to the point of getting engaged then married and staying married.   5 Tips On … Continue reading

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25 Tips for Dealing with Conflict in Marriage and Relationships

Healthy relationships are an essential part of life. Relationships include the casual to the familial as well as romantic . People enter such relationships, with the best of intentions. However, as time goes by, disagreements are bound to occur in … Continue reading

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