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Best Practices for a COVID Divorce in New York 

There is never a good time for a divorce but trying to divorce in the middle of a worldwide pandemic can present a variety of other challenges to this already difficult procedure. Indeed, a "COVID Divorce," as it has become … Continue reading

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Should You Buy a Property or Home with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Before Marriage?

Cohabitation before marriage is more common than ever these days, with the vast majority of couples living together before marriage. In many cases, these couples rent, but an increasing number of customers are buying a home together before they get … Continue reading

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Are People Still Dating, Getting Engaged and Married During the Pandemic? 

Finding love during the pandemic may be difficult but it is not impossible.  The pandemic has given people plenty of time to really reflect on their life and reassess what is really important.  It has also forced couples who were … Continue reading

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