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What to Do When Your Fiancée is Against a Prenup

 It's becoming more common for one partner in a romantic relationship to ask for a prenuptial agreement before saying "I do." Unfortunately, the other partner frequently is blindsided by the request. They may panic and wonder if their partner has … Continue reading

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Why Having a Prenup Agreement Can Safeguard Your Future

The future is always unpredictable, which means that no one can foresee with accuracy what tomorrow holds. This uncertainty is why more couples are choosing to sign a prenup agreement before they walk down the aisle. Perhaps this seems like … Continue reading

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Tips for Telling Elementary School-Age Children About a Divorce

Nothing about getting a divorce is easy. One of the most painful parts of the process is breaking the news to your children, who will probably have a difficult time understanding the adult concerns that led to your decision. When … Continue reading

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When Considering Divorce Do You Move Out of the Marital Home or Do You Stay?

When considering a divorce, it's possible that your situation makes it incredibly difficult to continue cohabitating in the marital home. This is especially true if the circumstances surrounding the split are acrimonious, but it may simply be that you're experiencing … Continue reading

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