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The Marriage rate has been decreasing. Surprised? Blame COVID?

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), for data compiled for the United States: the marriage rate is 6.1 per 1,000 total population. And there are 2,015,603 marriages with 746,971 divorces (45 reporting States and D.C.).  Overall, … Continue reading

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A Round-Up of Recent Celebrity Divorces

Are you aware of the recent big celebrity divorces? After all, divorce isn’t just for everyday folks. Those we idolize in the entertainment industry, famous politicians, actors, singers, reality stars, and uber-billionaires get divorced too.  Indeed, it’s been reported that … Continue reading

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Did you know that Manhattan divorce rates are less than other states?

Did you know that Manhattan divorce rates are less than other states? Yes, that’s right, according to the U.S. Census Bureau government statistics. New Yorkers, it turns out, despite having stressful high-intensity jobs, tend to get divorced less. In fact, … Continue reading

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