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5 Common Misconceptions About a Child Custody Battle in New York City

There are so many misconceptions that go around about child custody battles in New York City. However, let's spend a moment to separate the facts from fiction. Let's explore some of the most common misconceptions about child custody battles in New York City.


Misconception #1: Mothers Will Always Get Custody of Their Children.

What's really the reality in 2023? The court will always focus on the best interest of the children regardless of if it decides to award custody to the mother or father. There are so many factors that go into who gets awarded custody, however; the child's stability and well-being will always play an important role. Furthermore, the court will consider how involved each parent can be based on their job responsibilities and lifestyle.

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Misconception #2: If a Parent Doesn't Pay Child Support, They May Lose Their Visitation Rights


The reality is that child support and visitation rights are not always related. Usually, parents cannot be denied visitation if they fail to make child support payments. It is however important to note that the parent who is receiving child support has a right to pursue legal action in order to collect child support payments. It is also realistic to consider that the parent is supposed to be receiving child support payments and doesn’t may try to deny visitation to the parent that is withholding child support. It is best to consult a NY divorce and custody lawyer if you are in this situation.


Misconception #3: The Court Will Favor the Parent with More Financial Stability


The truth is that even though financial stability is important for taking care of the children; the court cannot decide based on that alone. Many factors must go into the decision-making process, such as is there a stable home environment and what will be best for the child's emotional health.


Misconception #4: Once a Child Custody Order is Finalized, it Cannot Be Changed

The reality is that a parent or child’s circumstances can change over time. When circumstances do change, the court has the authority to revisit and remodify the child custody order upon application by either parent. One example of this would be if one of the parents gets a job out of state and has to move out of town. Another example would be if the court thinks that a child's well-being is at risk. In each instance, one of the parents would need to make an application to the court for a modification to the existing custody arrangements.


Misconception #5: Parents Can Finalize Custody Arrangements Without Getting a Court Involved


The reality is that parents can come up with custody arrangements outside of court, however; it is sensible to consult a knowledgeable New York divorce and custody attorney who can help formalize the agreement. Call Sabra Law Group if you need assistance at (646) 472-7971.


Misconception #6 Child Custody Battles in Court Always End Up in a Long and Nasty Legal Process


The reality is that many custody battles and disputes can be resolved through mediation or even a collaborative divorce process. The advantage of either of these processes is that they focus on helping both parents to come up with a mutually agreeable solution and do it in a quicker and less confrontational manner than going to court. Preparing for a Child Custody Battle in New York City? Contact Sabra Law Group to get the support you need in your child custody battle in New York at (646) 472-7971.




What To Do When Your Spouse in New York Doesn’t Want a Divorce

What to Do When Your Spouse in New York Doesn't Want a Divorce


Divorce is not always two-sided; sometimes one spouse wants out of the marriage while the other wants to hold on for dear life.  Going through a divorce is challenging enough, but when you couple it with two spouses who want opposite things, it can become a bit stressful. Below are some tips for what to do when your spouse in New York doesn’t want a divorce.


Get to the Bottom of Their “Why” for Wanting to Stay in the Marriage


The first step is to have open communication with your spouse and determine why they are so reluctant to get divorced.  Is it because of the children?  Is it a financial situation?  Are they still madly in love with you?  Is it because divorce in frowned upon in their culture?


Be Prepared to Deal with Their Emotions


Depending on the unique situation of your marriage, your spouse may also exhibit outbursts or anger towards your decision to divorce.  If this does happen, remember to be the better person, and stay, calm, cool and collected.  Try to see their point of view and show empathy if possible. However, be cognizant of if their behavior seems threatening or abusive and seek professional help if you feel unsafe. 


Consider Getting the Assistance of a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in New York City


A skilled New York divorce mediator can help you both come to a mutual understanding regarding your divorce and assist with handling the difficult aspects of divorce.  Call Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971. 


Do Not Feel Guilty for Wanting to Divorce


Just because your spouse does not want a divorce does not mean that you have to feel guilty for wanting one. At the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you, your mental health and peace of mind. If you have been thinking of getting divorced; you probably have a good reason so just remember what that reason is and stay strong.


Come Up With a Plan for How to Get on the Same Page


Even if you have to go to counseling together or retain a divorce mediator, have some type of a plan for how you're going to get on the same page. If your spouse is slow to warm up to the idea of divorce, try to have a weekly conversation with them so that you can try to convince them why divorce is best for everyone involved, including the children.


Are You Having a Challenging Time Getting Divorced in New York


Call Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971 to speak to a New York divorce mediation lawyer who has years of experience helping New Yorkers like you come to an amicable resolution regarding divorce.



3 Tactics Your Manipulative Spouse May Use During the Divorce Process in New York

3 Tactics Your Manipulative Spouse May Use During the Divorce Process in New YorkDo you have a manipulative ex? Learn how to outsmart your spouse by knowing the tactics that they may use during the divorce process in New York. 


If you're soon to be ex-spouse is a master manipulator or a narcissist by nature, they are not going to let you get off the hook so easily when it comes to divorce.


In fact, they may try to make things very difficult for you and if you can identify when they are resorting to manipulation; you might be better equipped to handle them.


Below Are 3 Tactics to Recognize When Your Spouse is Being Manipulative During the Divorce Process


They May Delay the Divorce Process:


One way to delay the divorce process is they may fail to show up at hearings or not sign important documentation on time.


They may even change their mind during important negotiations just to not come to a resolution so that the divorce process can be dragged on as long as possible.


It is important to know that your spouse is doing this because they want to tear you down emotionally and financially, and they think that you're going to give up easily.  They want to believe that you will accept anything just to get over the divorce process.  


The best way to deal with this is to have your lawyer handle your difficult spouse. An experienced New York divorce lawyer can help sort through difficult issues with your soon-to-be ex.


They May Lie About Their Income


Your spouse may try to manipulate the court and make it look like they earn less money than they do to avoid paying alimony or child support.


Tip: even though lying to the court is illegal; you're going to have to prove that your ex makes more income than they are disclosing publicly. It is advisable to gather all important bank statements and documentation that you can get your hands on and share them with your divorce attorney.


Your Spouse May Try to Hurry the Divorce Process Along


If your spouse is rushing the divorce process it is highly likely that they want to get out of the marriage as soon as possible. Perhaps they have been cheating on you and they want to pay as little as possible for the divorce settlement. They believe that the sooner you sign, the sooner it's resolved, and they can move on with their life.  


You deserve to get the best settlement possible and should not rush through the divorce process just because your ex is pushing you. One way to ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve is to hire an experienced New York divorce attorney who can negotiate on your behalf.


Need Help Dealing with a Manipulative and Narcissistic Spouse?


Contact Sabra Law Group today to request a confidential consultation at (646) 472-7971.  Sabra Law Group can help guide you through the divorce process and aid with difficult situations that arise with your ex.