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Do You Need a Lawyer for Mediation?

Often, people assume that when you agree to mediation in a divorce, you give up your right to be represented by an attorney, or that an attorney will not be welcome in the mediation room.  Neither of these statements is … Continue reading

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Meet Your Mediator: The Role of the Professional Neutral

The list of misconceptions about who mediators are and what they do is lengthy: Mediators are not judges. Mediators are not referees. Mediators are not counselors. In fact, the list of what a mediator is not is probably too long … Continue reading

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Combative Divorce and Mediation: When Spouses Are Barely Speaking

One of the most common popular misconceptions about mediation is that it is a process that requires both parties to be on friendly, open terms.  This vision of mediation sees it as simply a rubber-stamp formality for what is already … Continue reading

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Dealing with Districts: Divorce, School Districts, and Parental Mobility

When parents begin seriously considering and working towards divorce, there are plenty of “red button” issues that have to be dealt with in the immediate time frame: Custody, support, property division, visitation, etc.  These issues take a lot of time … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Joint and Sole Custody

The Difference Between Joint and Sole Custody  Being involved in custody mediation or a litigated custody dispute can be an overwhelming and confusing process.  There are many questions that you will consider as you prepare to discuss the terms of … Continue reading

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