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Why a Real Estate Attorney in New York Might Advise Against Refinancing

Over the last few years, many people in New York have received a thorough, if perhaps not totally desired, education in mortgages and the real estate market. Where once people might purchase a home in their youth and live there … Continue reading

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When a New York Litigated Divorce is Your Best Option

The praises of mediation in divorce cases are sung so often, an increasing number of spouses are approaching their divorce with the assumption that mediation is always the better choice: Always cheaper, always faster, always less stressful. While mediation can … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in New York

By now most couples are aware that divorce mediation has several distinct advantages over litigation: Speed, privacy, and lower cost are chief among them, but there are many more subtle benefits to the emotional state of each spouse and the … Continue reading

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Consulting a New York Child Support Lawyer about Adult Children

One of the most inconsistent aspects of the law in the United States is the age of adulthood. The age at which people can consume alcohol, get married, vote in elections, serve in the military, and be treated as adults … Continue reading

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