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A Real Estate Attorney in New York for Buying and Selling

Property remains one of the most stable and popular assets in the world.  Whether it is a residential home for your family, an investment property for rent or land speculation, the property may have its ups and downs on the … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of a New York Litigated Divorce

When contemplating divorce, you will often be deluged by advice that pushes you to consider a mediated or collaborative divorce.  These options do have certain advantages that might be attractive to you in your specific situation, but it is a … Continue reading

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Contemplating Divorce? Consider Divorce Mediation in New York

Are you contemplating divorce? Whatever the underlying reasons for considering a drastic and permanent end to your marriage, the biggest mistake couples make when seeking to end their marriage is rushing.  It is understandable, in a sense: After years of … Continue reading

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Seeking a Child Support Modification with a New York Child Support Lawyer

For many people, divorce is a distant and abstract situation they never expect to be in.  It is something that happens to other people, or to characters on the screen or in the pages of a novel, where it is … Continue reading

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