Seeking a Child Support Modification with a New York Child Support Lawyer

child support modFor many people, divorce is a distant and abstract situation they never expect to be in.  It is something that happens to other people, or to characters on the screen or in the pages of a novel, where it is often presented as something neat and tidy: You file, go through a process, and then it is over forever, your marriage and divorce something that happened long ago, to a different version of yourself.

However, the reality is more complex: Divorce is a chapter, but you continue to be connected to your former spouse – and this is especially true if you have children together.  In fact, it is very common for the initial child support order to be outgrown as your situation and circumstances change over time.  When the time comes to seek a modification of your child support order, your first step is to contact a qualified and experienced New York child support lawyer.

Support Modifications

There are many reasons why you might wish to have your support order modified: You might have suffered a job loss or other income adjustment.  Your spouse may be making more money.  Your health or other circumstances may have changed.

Whatever the reason, the process of requesting a modification begins with consultation with your child support lawyer in New York, who can help you to understand the process and procedures and begin gathering the data that will be required by the court to substantiate your claims and the underlying support for your request.

Keep in mind your former spouse will have his/her own lawyer and will have the opportunity to refute or argue against your requests.  No matter how sincere your belief that the order should be modified, the court may disagree.

Contact our office at 646-472-7971 to speak with an attorney who can get you started and determine whether such a modification is appropriate in your circumstances.

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