Family Law

Child Support

How will the children be supported? Who will make child support payments? How much? And when will it be paid? Are there extracurricular activities to consider? Or special needs?

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Parenting and

Now that the two of you will no longer be together and your family is changing, how will you both work together to make important decisions affecting your children? Decisions such as education, medical and religious as well as others.

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Parenting Plans and Visitation

When will you have parenting time with the children? How will the children be exchanged? Will the children stay in one place and the parents will move, or will the children go from one parent’s home to the other’s? What if one of you relocates?

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This area of Family Law encompasses several issues, all relating to your children. This area of the law tends to be more sensitive in nature than other areas. It is also an area of the law that can have positive outcomes and results since most parents want what is best for the children. SLG believes that when in the right environment and the right process is applied, you will find that you, as parents, will both tend to work together toward finding an appropriate and workable solution. In fact, the standard of law applied by Courts in this area is exactly that – determining what is in the best interests of the child.

The issues that ordinarily are addressed can be summarized into three categories above.