5 Valid Fears That Keep People in a Bad Marriage

Getting Out of a Bad MarriageThere are so many reasons that people stay in a bad marriage, but the number one reason is fear.  There is a huge fear of the unknown amongst other things.  Let’s explore 10 valid fears that keep people in a bad marriage.


Not Being Able to Survive Financially on Your Own


Let’s face it, the financial aspect of divorce is a huge factor that induces fear.  Let’s suppose that your spouse is the sole income provider and you have spent the majority of the marriage taking care of the children.  Now…being faced with having to go back into the workforce after years of not working can be a scary thought.


Being Worried About How Divorce May Impact the Children


One of the main reasons people delay divorce is because of the welfare of their children.  Some parents even stay in a bad marriage until the children are of legal age in order to protect their children from the ramifications of divorce. 


Being Alone or Lonely


Especially if one has been married for many years, the thought of having to be single or start over can be scary.  It makes it harder if one has been dependent on their spouse for everything.  After being accustomed to having your spouse around and relying on them for friendship, emotional and financial support, going at it alone may instill a bit of anxiety. 


Feeling Like You Will Never Meet Someone and Being Alone


The thought of getting back out there in the dating realm can be difficult for some people to comprehend.  Couple that with a lack of confidence and it becomes a fear that may keep someone in a bad marriage longer than they need to be.  Confidence can be built up over time and by doing things that help you feel and look your best.  Working out, eating right, dressing up even just to go to the grocery store can boost your mood and confidence.


The Guilt of Hurting Your Spouse


Guilt is another factor that may impact staying in a bad marriage or not.  One may feel guilty for wanting to leave their spouse; especially if their spouse is emotionally fragile. Divorce is painful by nature and most people do not want to intentionally hurt their spouse.


Are You Scared of Leaving a Bad Marriage?


If you are scared of leaving a bad marriage, you are not alone.  So many New York married couples struggle with the difficult decision of staying in a bad marriage or divorcing.  Just know that you are not alone and so many clients that come to us are all conflicted with making this difficult decision.  Sometimes, it helps to explore your options so that if you do want out of your marriage, you have an idea of what to expect ahead of time instead of frantically trying to get your questions answered when things do come to an end.


Don’t Let Your Fear Get in the Way of Exploring Your Options


If you have questions about divorce or custody in New York City or need help getting out of a bad marriage, call Sabra Law Group to schedule a confidential consultation at (646) 472-7971.






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