Both Agree
On All Issues,
Draw Up Our Papers

“We agree on all of
the issues, just prepare the
paperwork and file our
divorce for us.”

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Agree On Some
of the Issues and Don’t
Want the Court Involved

“We don’t agree on everything, but we do agree that we don’t want to go to court – what do we do next?”

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Don’t Agree,
Don’t Want to Go to
Court, Want Separate

“We don’t agree on everything, we don’t want to go to court but we want separate representation. How does that work?”

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When you got married you believed that everything would work out and you would both stay together for the rest of your lives, or “forever”. Unfortunately, it just hasn’t worked out that way and now you face a possible long, drawn out and expensive divorce.

You might be dreading the idea of going to court to get divorced, and if you are and are open to getting a divorce without the need to go to court and “fight it out”, then you have reached the perfect place.

Many divorces are ended in court and many of them take months, sometimes years, which is stressful and costly. Sabra Law Group has been working with couples to end their marriages on their terms and in less time and less expense than if they were to go to court.

You can get out of a marriage that you don’t want to be in and end your marriage, provide for your children and create parenting and visitation plans that work so that you can leave your spouse without losing all of your savings and assets in a costly legal battle.

Here are the ways in which we can help you. Which is most representative of you?

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