10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Divorce in New York

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Divorce in New York Contemplating divorce should never be taken lightly.  Deciding to divorce should be well-thought out and it is important to have the right conversations.  By conversations, this means conversations with yourself and your spouse. Below are 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Divorce in New York.


Have You Communicated Your Feelings to Your Spouse?


The first question you should ask yourself is have you taken the time to open and honestly communicate with your spouse about your unhappiness in the marriage?  Have you told them that you are unhappy and considering divorce?  By openly communicating with your spouse, it allows them to potentially fix what may be broken in the marriage.  One of the reasons marriages fail in New York is also because of lack of communication.


Have You Tried Marriage Counseling? 


Many New York couples have been able to salvage their marriage because of marriage counseling.  If you and your spouse have not entirely given up on your marriage, it may make sense to try seeking the assistance of a therapist or marriage counselor.


Do You Have a Clear Understanding of Why You Want a Divorce?


You should have a clear understanding of the reasons why you are considering divorce.  If you are unable to come to a clear understanding, then you may need to do a bit more soul-searching before making such a huge decision.


Are You Financially Prepared for Divorce?


Divorce can be expensive in New York; especially if it is more complex and requires litigation.  Divorce mediation is a more cost-effective option if you and your spouse are on speaking terms and willing to make decisions without having to go to court. You must also consider the living arrangements and expenses after divorce.


Are You Willing to Disrupt Your Children’s Lifestyle?


Getting a divorce may mean that your children may have to change schools or give up their friends or after-school activities that they enjoy.  You will have to assess how the divorce may impact your children and weigh your options of what is right for you and your family.


Are You Emotionally Prepared for Divorce?


Divorce can be emotionally taxing. Do you have a support system to rely on if needed?  Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you will have to go through in your life.


Are You Making a Spontaneous Decision to Divorce Because You Are Angry?


Ask yourself if you are claiming to divorce because you are angry at something that happened recently or are the problems in your marriage are more of a boiling pot that just tipped over?


Will You Have Regrets About Ending Your Marriage?


Be prepared to ask yourself if you will have regrets afterwards.  Because if you are really ending your marriage to do what is best for you; you should not have any regrets.


Are You Prepared to Make Such a Drastic Change In Your Life Right Now?


And maybe divorce is the answer, but you must also ask yourself about “timing.” Is it the right time for you to divorce now or would you be in a better place 6-12 months from now?  A divorce is something that requires planning and careful consideration of the next steps.  There are so many factors to consider such as who will live where?


Are You Able to Handle Being a Single Parent?


What plan do you have to take care of your children?  What about having to go back to the workforce to make a living; would you be comfortable putting your children in daycare or with a babysitter?  Being a single parent means being able to juggle everything on your own and also be able to financially support yourself and your children.



Divorcing? Need Help Sorting Through Child Support and Divorce Matters in New York?


Are you considering divorce in New York? Call Sabra Law Group to discuss your options in case you do decide that you want to get divorced.  Reach out to us at (646) 472-7971.










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