Services Provided

Sabra Law Group (“SLG”) is a matrimonial and family law firm providing services to couples and individuals desiring an outcome that is beneficial to them and their children. SLG helps couples and individuals who are in need of a solution and a plan that works for them and their family during an emotionally challenging time in their lives.




Do you want a divorce or have you been asked for a divorce? Concerned that it might cost you your life’s savings or will take an extraordinarily long time to resolve? What is involved? What are the next steps?




Family Law

Do you have a child or children? Whether you are married or unmarried or divorced, there are some important issues that you will want to consider on behalf of and in the best interest of your children.




Mediation or Litigation?

Are these your only options? If you are experiencing a conflict with your spouse or the parent of your child(ren), how do you resolve that conflict? Should you go to court? Can you resolve it together or with the help of a third party?