How to Build a Favorable Case to Get Custody of Kids in New York

Custody of Kids in New YorkGoing through a divorce when there are children involved can be a stressful situation. Your children are your most valuable asset when it comes to divorce and New York courts also recognize that because they will always put the best interest of the children first. If you want to get custody of your kids in New York; the more prepared you are, the better the likelihood for things to go in your favor. Below are some important things to consider.


Familiarize Yourself with New York City’s Child Custody Laws


In New York, there is physical (residential) custody and legal (decision-making) custody. The court can award joint or sole custody based on what it believes serves the best interest of the child.


Document Your Involvement in Your Children’s Lives


One of the ways to build a strong case for custody in NY is to keep a record of how involved you are in the children’s day-to-day activities. Examples include preparing their meals, attending school events, scheduling and attending medical appointments, and extracurricular activities. Showing that you are vested in your children’s day-to-day is essential.


Be Able to Demonstrate That You Have Created a Safe and Stable Environment for Your Children


Make sure that the home environment is safe and makes your children feel safe and secure.


If this means downgrading to move to a safer neighborhood with better schools, it might be something to consider because the court would want the children to be living in the safest environment.


Do Your Best to Maintain a Positive Relationship with the Other Parent


Even though it may be difficult to do, it is imperative to not badmouth your soon-to-be ex-spouse to (or within earshot of) your children.  Furthermore, if you can remain on good terms where you can communicate effectively with each other, it will make it easier to sort through divorce matters.


Be Able to Demonstrate That You Have a Steady Stream of Income Coming In


It is important to have a steady job and be able to responsibly manage your bills and finances. Demonstrate financial stability and the ability to support your children.


Put Your Best Foot Forward


Even though it is easy to turn to excessive alcohol to ease your pain, keep in mind that would not reflect positively with the court.  Also, do not engage in drugs or any other behavior that would reflect badly on you.


Build a Strong Case for Yourself By Getting Testimony from Family and Friends


If you can ask friends and family to put into writing how they view you as a parent and say some positive words about how they view your interactions with your children, it may help you with custody.


Don’t Forget to Consider Your Children’s Wishes


If your children are old enough to understand that their parents are in the middle of a divorce; respect their opinion and ask them what their ideal situation would be.  Remember that just because you are done with your spouse doesn’t mean that they have to be. Even if your children can’t have things exactly how they want them; it still makes them feel heard and respected when you take the time to listen to their needs.


Consider Divorce Mediation in New York    


Divorce mediation may be a suitable option for working out child custody issues and matters in an amicable way.  Call Sabra Law Group at (646) 472-7971.





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