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How Divorce Mediation Can Assist You with Expediting Your Divorce in New York City

How long does it take to get divorced? Everyone has heard horror stories from friends and family who spent months, if not years, battling their ex-partners in court. In fact, such stories are so common that no one could be … Continue reading

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How Divorce Mediation Can Help You Sort Through Child Support Issues in Manhattan

If you are contemplating divorce, the way ahead may not seem clear. Many issues need to be decided, and the most contentious of these may relate to your children. Mediation is a common-sense alternative to litigation when you are divorcing. … Continue reading

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Learn Why Divorce Mediation May Be the Better Option Than a Litigated Divorce in Manhattan

Is going to court the best way to get divorced? Although dramatic courtroom proceedings frequently are depicted in films, this rarely is the best choice for couples who have decided to go their separate ways. A litigated divorce tends to … Continue reading

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