How Divorce Mediation Can Assist You with Expediting Your Divorce in New York City

How long does it take to get divorced? Everyone has heard horror stories from friends and family who spent months, if not years, battling their ex-partners in court.

In fact, such stories are so common that no one could be blamed for thinking that dissolving a marriage must require an extended period of time.

The good news is that this is not the case. Many of the choices that you make can either extend or minimize the time required to divorce. There are many reasons to streamline a divorce. These may include:

-Saving money
-Reducing stress
-Restoring health and hope to the family; and
-Minimizing acrimony.

If you are interested in expediting your divorce, then it is wise to learn more about mediation. This collaborative process is a more efficient alternative to litigation.

Expediting Your Divorce

When couples decide to litigate a divorce, they are at the mercy of the court system. This system is bogged down and overloaded. Accordingly, it is possible that your case will not come before a judge for months.

Consider also that if you and your ex-spouse have not agreed on terms, you may be required to make more than one court appearance. This means that you're not just waiting for one court date, but several. That can add significantly to the amount of time that you spend working toward a resolution.

Lengthy Divorces Are Tough on Everyone

Protracted court proceedings take their toll on everyone involved. This includes not only you and your ex-partner but also any children you may have.

This is especially true when parents go to trial over child custody. Mediation is an alternative that facilitates the creation of a shared parenting plan that can spell out clear terms for custody, visitation, support, education costs and more.

One of the best reasons to get serious about expediting your divorce is to spare your children the stress and heartache of extended court proceedings or even an expensive protracted trial.

Better Communication through Mediation

People frequently cite a lack of communication or miscommunication among their primary reasons for divorce. Mediation facilitates positive, healthy communication that makes it quicker and easier to come to a divorce agreement. Additionally, improved communication serves the family moving forward, especially if the adults will continue to co-parent.

A Common-Sense Approach to Divorce

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