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New York Divorce Mediator Discusses Divorce Mediation vs. Court Litigation

Litigated divorce could be extremely expensive. While couples may choose to resort to litigation due to expectation of organized proceedings in the presence of lawyers, litigation may not always be so. Litigation could even lead to protracted meetings which might … Continue reading

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Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Discusses How Communication is Key to a Peaceful Divorce

  Do you find yourself thinking about getting a divorce but thinking how it could affect your child? Marriages often end due to lack of communication. It does not have to be true when ending one. Mediation is an alternative … Continue reading

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New York Divorce Attorney Discusses Why Mediation Simply Works

Divorce Mediation in New York Divorce mediation is gaining much popularity in some states including New York due to its being equitable while producing inexpensive and quick results. It allows you and your spouse to sit down and discuss all … Continue reading

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