How to Recover from Divorce and Get Healthy Again

Recover From Divorce and Get HealthyDivorce can take a serious toll on your emotional, physical and spiritual health.  In some cases, divorce is mutual and it doesn’t come as a complete shock.  In other cases, divorce can come as a complete shock and leave you devastated.    


It is much easier to absorb the news of divorce when you know that your marriage has been in trouble for years, however, when divorce comes out of nowhere; it is very difficult to take in and recover.


Here are some tips below to help you get back to normal and feel healthy again, both emotionally and physically.


  1. Maintain Healthy Eating Habits:  Make sure you are eating breakfast every morning.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that fuels your energy.  Do not skip meals because you are trying to lose weight or too busy to eat.  Be cognizant about the type of food you consume and do not resort to fast food just because you don’t have time to cook.  There are many pick up and go healthy options at local grocery stores and prepared meal stores.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water and Fluids:  Water is essential for physiologic health.  It also helps aid digestion.  You can also try coconut water that has electrolytes and potassium.  It you do not like drinking plain water, consider making a pitcher of fruit infused water. You can experiment with lemons, oranges, cucumbers, strawberries or other flavorful fruits.


  1. Get Enough Sleep:  You probably have a good idea of what your body requires in terms of sleep.  Some people can get by on 4-6 hours of sleep, whereas; others need 6-8 hours at a minimum.  One pattern you want to avoid is oversleeping as that can leave you feeling sluggish and tired.


  1. Try Meditation or Yoga: Because dealing with divorce is highly stressful, incorporating physical activities that can help you de-stress and maintain inner peace will be helpful and comforting.  For instance, try meditating once or twice a day for a few minutes.  You can try the Headspace app or Calm app to help guide you through relaxation and meditation. 


  1. Exercise:  Exercising means different things for different people.  Depending on what type of exercise you prefer, there are many options available.  You can try walking, jogging, bicycling, going to the gym, taking a dance class, or even kick-boxing.


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How to Deal with Back to School and Divorce

Back to School For parents going through a divorce, it can be stressful for them as well as for their children who still live at home.  It is important to take notice of any behavioral changes in your children.  Transitional times can also be challenging for children.  For instance, when it is time for children to head back to school after summer recess or school vacation days, it can be a stressful time for both parents and children; especially when parents are in the middle of a divorce.    


Breaking the news of the divorce to children can be difficult.  It is even more difficult when it coincides with transitional times such as when children go back to school after summer recess as some children may already be experiencing anxiety about going back to school and then layering information about their parents’ breakup can be even more overwhelming.


Here are some tips to make this transitional time an easier process for your children:


  1. Consider your children’s feelings and concerns. For instance, part of dealing with a divorce can potentially mean that your children may have to transfer schools depending on the custody arrangement.  It is important to reassure your children that you will still allow them to play with their current friends.  Furthermore, that they will also still be able to see the other parent, even if the living situation becomes separate.


  1. Informing the school teachers that you are going through a divorce will allow the teachers to be an extension of your eyes and to look for and notice any unusual behavior in your children and inform the parents, as well as to be extra sensitive to what the child may be going through.


  1. Give your children appropriate time and space to deal with their feelings of sadness, anger or resentment.  Children process information differently than adults do. Allow your children to feel free to express their feelings to you.  When they do express their feelings, be supporting and comforting and try to determine what may help them feel better. If they are not getting better with time, it may be a good idea to consider getting them counseling or professional help.


  1. Have a conversation with your children about how to deal with their friends asking questions regarding the separation or divorce.  Your children should not be forced into disclosing any information that they are not comfortable with.  Exude confidence in your children to say “no” to answering questions if they are not comfortable in a particular situation or about discussing a particular topic.


  1. Make time to do fun things with your children.  Just because it’s time to go back to school, does not mean that there can’t be fun time on weekdays.  Plan a particular day of the week to go have ice cream together, or play in the park, or watch a movie.  Getting your children out of the house also puts them in a new environment that may make it easier for them to express their feelings and talk about their day.


If you are dealing with divorce and need assistance with a parenting plan or any other family law matters, contact Sabra Law Group today for a confidential consultation (646) 472-7971.

25 Tips for Dealing with Conflict in Marriage and Relationships

Conflict in Marriage

Healthy relationships are an essential part of life. Relationships include the casual to the familial as well as romantic . People enter such relationships, with the best of intentions.

However, as time goes by, disagreements are bound to occur in any relationship and usually everyone tries to make it work. When conflicts arise in an intimate relationship, in a marriage, such discord does not necessarily lead to ending a relationship, but it can be a very compelling reason. If you value the person you are with, whether in a relationship or by marriage, then you will try to heal the discord.

Here are some very helpful tips for revitalizing your relationship with your partner and help you deal with conflict in marriage:

  1. Listen to them sincerely (with an open heart and no judgment).
  2. Try to look at things from their point of view. Be curious.  Ask them questions about their point of view to get a clearer understanding.
  3. Pay attention and truly listen to them when they speak to you.
  4. Be mindful of their likes and dislikes.
  5. Be respectful of their opinions.
  6. Establish boundaries with your partner by discussing and defining them together.
  7. Live by the “rules” as much as your partner.
  8. Don’t play the blame game.
  9. Find things you like in common.
  10. Plan your future together.
  11. Always give as much space as required to your partner.
  12. Do not snoop on your partner.
  13. Trust them to be honest and act in kind.
  14. Be honest about your feelings.
  15. Try to look at things objectively.
  16. Don’t be overly selfish or overly sacrificing, be sincere and honor your needs.
  17. Discord is good if you can find common ground.
  18. In arguments, remain calm and practical.
  19. Ensure all duties are shared fairly.
  20. Reward your partner with affection.
  21. Be appreciative of the things they do for you, particularly the small things.
  22. Consider how life would be without them. Look at all of the areas of your life where they have added value (this may require a real hard honest look).
  23. Establish relationship goals together.
  24. Know clearly what your partner wants and be clear about your wants.
  25. In extremes, seek couples counseling, therapy,  or relationship coaching.

Where Can You Find the Best Divorce Mediation Attorney In NYC?

It can happen that despite your best intentions and efforts, a marriage is not going the way you want and you see no movement in the direction that you want the relationship to go. In such cases, parting ways can be a very sensible option. If you are looking for the best divorce mediation attorney in NYC, Sabra Law Group is one of the most well-known divorce law experts. Sabra can help you reach an amicable split with your spouse that addresses and resolves all of the issues. Contact Sabra Law Group now at 646-472-7971 and let her firm help you take back control of your life!

How to Plan for Retirement When Going Through a Divorce in New York

Divorce in New York

Going through a divorce can be a very difficult thing. This is especially true if you are nearing retirement. In such cases, you have to bear the risk of losing out on a significant portion of your savings. However, this does not need to be the case. With the right kind of legal guidance and prudent planning, you can protect your retirement fund. Here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Pre-Nuptial Agreement

In this day and age where almost half of all marriages in the US end in divorces, it is completely negligent to not have a prenup. While you might enter into a matrimonial bond purely based on romantic feelings, that does not exempt you from being prudent. However, most divorce cases do not have a prenup and if you are reading this, then, while it is probably already too late for a prenup, a post-nuptial agreement may be appropriate. Nevertheless, any person looking to get married should invest in a prenup that protects them, their assets and their children in case of divorce.

  1. Grounds for Divorce

During the hearing of a divorce case, it is very important to explain its cause. For example, if your spouse has had an adulterous relationship, then that is certainly grounds for divorce. Further, you can protect your finances from being split up with your former spouse. However, you are going to need sound professional advice in order to make that happen.

  1. The Agreement

It may happen that you want to get a divorce, but your spouse does not. Or it can be the case that your spouse has filed for divorce and now you might lose part of your savings. In such situations, you should seek out legal help as soon as possible. The details of every case are unique as are the people who are going to be advocating for each side. The best way to come out on top is to hire reputable and experienced divorce lawyers who can negotiate a favorable divorce agreement on your behalf.

Where Can You Get Legal Help to Plan for Retirement and Divorce in New York?

Sabra Law Group is one of the leading divorce specialists in New York. Sabra has helped countless clients resolve their divorces with the least impact possible on their retirement plans. Ensure your freedom and future security comes at the least possible price. Call 646-472-7971 and book an appointment with Sabra today!

The 5 Key Steps to Healthy Relationships and Marriage

5 Key Steps to Healthy Relationships

Maintaining a healthy relationship does not come easy.  It takes a collaborative effect from both partners to maintain a healthy relationship.

Learn the 5 Key Steps to Healthy Relationships

  1. Accept them for who they are: As you date someone and get to know them better, you will discover things about them that you don’t admire.  It is important to remember to still treat them with respect and understand that you may not always agree on everything.  They may have their own belief systems, values and ways of unique dealing with situations; cherish their point of view and be open to see things from their perspective.
  2. Meet the basic needs of a relationship:  People choose to be in a relationship for many reasons.  Some reasons include love, affection, emotional support and friendship.  For other people, their basic needs may be more elaborate, therefore, it is imperative to really listen to your partner and learn what is essential to their needs.
  3. The ability to forgive:  People are human and do make mistakes.  In a relationship, it is important to forgive.  The ability to forgive your partner is what allows you to move forward in the relationship.   It also prevents feelings of resentment.
  4. The ability to solve problems:  Every relationship will encounter problems but it is how one handles complex situations that determines the outcome.  By making a conscious effort to solve conflict and problems in a relationship and getting past the issues is a great way to maintain a healthy relationship.  Furthermore, it can even bring you closer together.
  5. Apologize when you are in the wrong: Apologize quickly when you know you have done something wrong to upset your partner.  Taking too long to acknowledge that you did something wrong will make matters worse.  Part of having any healthy relationship is the ability to communicate honestly and effectively.

Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship or Marriage?

If you are in an unhealthy relationship or marriage, and have done your best to make it work, it may be time to explore other options.  Ask your partner if they are willing to go to couples’ counseling, relationship coaching and to learn how to make adjustments in their (and your) behavior for the sake of the relationship.  If all else fails, it may be time to move on, close the chapter on this relationship and then move on to a healthier relationship.

If you have questions about divorce or divorce mediation, contact Sabra Law Group today for a confidential consultation at (646) 472-7971.

Learn About Same-Sex Marriages in New York

Same-Sex Marriages in New York

New York is one of the most progressive places in the world. So, it is unsurprising for same-sex marriages to be legal in the state. However, there is a long and harrowing history behind the Marriage Equality Act of 2011 that finally made it legal for same-sex marriages to be legally permitted.

Is Happily Forever a Real Thing?

Despite this obvious freedom to choose your partner irrespective of their gender, divorce cases between same-sex couples are also steadily rising. In all of these cases, the conditions are very similar to those seen in heterosexual divorce cases.

For some people who once thought that they would be together forever simply do not feel the same way anymore. And in that event, it may be in their best interest to seek an amicable split. If you are a practical person then you would certainly keep this in mind when choosing your partner.

With that said, here are some very important facts associated with same-sex marriages in New York:

  1. The American People Are Increasingly Accepting Same-Sex Marriages

Same-sex marriage has been a controversial topic in the US for a very long time. However, the public opinion in this regard has steadily risen towards the positive side. This means that while New York State recognizes and has legalized same-sex marriages, it is also likely that over time people, in general, will be more accepting of couples in such relationships. No doubt, this has a great psychological impact on same-sex couples and contributes to their sense of being with respect to the society they live in.

  1. Religion is Still Playing a Huge Role 

Despite the fact that New York legalized same-sex marriages in 2011, the general opinion in religious circles is still not very friendly. In fact, the opinion of many groups including Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals etc. is almost split right down the middle. This means that while same-sex marriage in New York is generally accepted, it is still not the case within certain religious communities. If you are a religious person and also a homosexual person, then this is still certainly a consideration for you.

  1. More People Are Having Same-Sex Marriage

While we know that some religious people are still not favoring what is clearly none of their business, the fact that same-sex marriages are rising in number means that the state is progressing. So, with the rise in the number of same-sex marriages in New York, finding your tribe is becoming easier. No doubt, this is going to impact the confidences of new same-sex couples in a positive way and lead to the creation of more accepting societies.

It seems like the Land of the Free and particularly its economic capital is swiftly moving towards more equality for people from all walks of life. However, this does not mean that marriage, whether heteronormative or same-sex, are going to be any easier. Over time you might find yourself feeling like you made a mistake and reconsider your decision to stay married. In that case, there are various options that you can consider including marital therapy, couples counseling, speaking with a marriage coach or relationship coach, learning new communication techniques, and many others.  If staying together is feeling more uncertain for you, then considering what might happen in the undesirable event of divorce is certainly an option you may want to explore.

Where Should You Go for Divorce in Same-Sex Marriages in New York?

The laws that govern divorce cases and judicial proceedings are quite complicated. If you do not want to lose all your assets in a contentious divorce or feel like you have been discriminated against or not get the financial support you need, it is best to choose good lawyers to make your case. To help you keep the divorce amicable and ensure that you don’t have to lose out any more than you have to, consider working with an attorney-mediator or collaborative divorce lawyer.

Sabra Law Group is one of the very select law firms in New York that provides consultation and mediation services on same-sex divorce cases. Sabra has years of experience in handling these types of cases and understands the laws surrounding same-sex marriages in New York as evidenced by her experience mediating amicable same-sex divorces. If you need assistance with divorce or family law matters, then contact the office at 646-472-7971 to book an appointment today!

5 Tactics On Dealing with Conflict During Divorce

Dealing With Conflict During a Divorce in New York


Mastering the skill of resolving conflict and effective communication is essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship.  One of the main reasons people end up divorcing is that they are unable to resolve their conflicts in an effective manner. 


It may be common for one partner to withdraw while the other one makes countless efforts to have a meaningful conversation.  One partner resorts to the “silent treatment” and the other partner wants to talk through the problematic issues.


Try to Implement The 5 Tactics Below to Minimize Conflict During the Divorce Process:


  1.  Don’t Be Overly Critical:  It is easier to get your point across by stating more of what you would like to see; rather than blaming your spouse for what they never do. 
  2. Take Accountability for Your Actions:  If you know that you were a bit too harsh with your spouse, realize that an apology may be warranted.  By apologizing for your bad attitude, it helps change the whole response that you will get from your spouse.
  3. Don’t Take Your Anger Out On Your Spouse:  Even if your spouse is the primary reason that you are so angry, it is best to stay calm.  When dealing with a divorce, you will have to discuss many difficult topics and it will be easier to come to terms if you can both do so calmly. 
  4. Watch Your Tone and Sarcasm:  Even if you are not yelling at your spouse, it is imperative to watch your tone.  If your tone is sarcastic or condescending, it may set your spouse off. 
  5. Don’t Be Defensive: Even if you really believe that you are right and your spouse is wrong, don’t show it by being defensive.  It is important to remember that there are two versions to every story and their version may not match yours. 


If you are having difficulty with discussing important issues regarding child custody, child support, and division of assets with your spouse, consult a Manhattan Divorce Mediator. 


Contact Sabra Law Group Today for a Divorce Discovery Session


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How to Be Prepared and Knowledgeable for a New York Divorce

New York Divorce


The more knowledge you have the better prepared you will be for a New York Divorce.  When it comes to divorce, there are so many issues to sort through that it can be difficult to determine where to begin. 


The first step is to make a list of all the important things that have to be done.   Some of these items are all part of nearly every divorce and these things may include: developing a parenting plan, the division of assets, determine living arrangement and child custody.  There are other things that are not so obvious but just as important to handle. 


Things to Handle During a Divorce That You May Overlook


  1. Update all your passwords to your email, banking accounts, and social media accounts.  Perhaps you had shared accounts with your spouse or maybe they had the passwords for some reason, however, it is important to keep things separate during the divorce process.
  2. Remember to handle any medical issues while you still have the same insurance coverage as your rates and deductibles may change when your marital status changes to “single”.
  3. Request a copy of your credit report.  It is imperative to have an understanding of where you stand because you will now need your credit to apply for an apartment, buy a house, or even purchase a car in the future.
  4. Consider opening up a P.O. Box for mail.
  5. Make a list of any joint purchases/ventures that may need to be divided in the divorce.


Consult a New York Mediation Attorney for More Information


Before you make any major decisions about divorce, you may want to consult an experienced New York Mediation attorney who can educate you on all of your options.  What is right for one person may not be right for another, therefore, it is important to determine what route to take when it comes to your New York divorce. 


For some couples, litigation is the only route, for others, mediation is a more cost-effective avenue.  In order to truly determine what route is best for you, it is best to know the details and potential ramifications of each route. 


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5 Reasons a Marriage in New York May Fail

Reasons a Marriage May Fail

Everyone knows that marriage is hard work and it takes the participation and cooperation of both spouses to make it work.

Every marriage will have its ups and downs, however, the marriages that last are able to get past their problems and move forward.  Some issues are resolvable, while other issues are very difficult to get past. 


It is Important to Recognize the 5 Most Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail: 


  1.  Workaholic:  One partner is a workaholic and works so much that the marriage is neglected.  The spouse that doesn’t work at all or as much starts feeling lonely and frustrated.  Even after repeated conversations about working too much, the workaholic spouse ignores how his/her spouse feels.  Furthermore, the workaholic spouse fails to make any changes to his/her schedule in order to spend more time with the family. 
  2. Infidelity:  This is one of the most common issues that can tear even a healthy marriage apart.  Some couples can get past the infidelity and work towards repairing the relationship, whereas; it causes other couples to grow apart, become resentful and lose the trust that they once had.
  3. Lack of Support: If there is a lack of support in the marriage, it can become troublesome.  If one partner is unable to support the other through a difficult time or in new ventures that they may be pursuing, it can lead to friction.  The lack of support in a marriage can also lead one to seek support and validation outside of the marriage.
  4. Financial Difficulties: Financial struggles can definitely put a strain on a marriage.  This is especially true if one person is the breadwinner and the other does not bring in any income.   The pressure of having to pay for tuition for children’s college when extra money is not coming in can result in arguments and disagreements about how to handle expenses.  In addition, it can prompt couples to have arguments over spending habits. 
  5. Different Interests/Lifestyle:  This can become problematic when couples have different interests and/or personality traits.  If one person is outgoing and loves to go out, whereas; the other person is a homebody and loves to stay at home and watch TV, it can cause couples to grow apart.  It is also possible that one spouse may become jealous of the other spouse.  


Is Your Marriage in New York Failing?


If you have tried to save your marriage, but nothing is working, it may be time to consult a New York divorce mediation lawyer.  Contact Sabra Law Group at (646) 472-7971 today for Discovery Session with Sabra.


Tips on How to Deal with Divorce When You Have Teenage Children

Deal with Divorce











It is very important to know how to deal with your teenagers during a divorce.  This is because teenagers can be extremely emotional and sensitive when it comes to divorce.  They are going through hormonal changes and can sometimes become angry or resentful during a divorce.  They may not always communicate what is bothering them; regardless, it is important to provide an open door policy so they do feel comfortable talking to you about anything.  Furthermore, know what your teenager’s hot buttons are and try to avoid anything that sets them off during this difficult time.


Once you have taken the time to sit down and explain to your teenager that you are getting divorced, make sure you ask them if they have any questions for you.  As a parent, it is important to be supportive and show that you care about their opinion.  This does not mean that you need to stay in an unhappy marriage because they don’t want you to divorce.  What it means is that effective communication will help ease their pain.  Children want to know that their opinion matters and that they have a say in important family decisions. 


If your child’s behavior takes a negative route, it is imperative to address the issue right away.  The longer you wait to deal with bad behavior, the worse it may get. 


If you notice a drastic change in your child’s mood or behavior, you may consider seeking professional help.  Your teenager may be more open to talking to a 3rd party about their feelings and emotions rather than sharing them with you.


Furthermore, plan some fun activities with your children.  Family fun time is essential during this difficult time.  Plan some activities that your teenager would enjoy such as an outdoor festival, carnival, movie or a concert. Some fun and laughter will be good for the entire family.


If you are dating during your divorce, try to keep your private life private, for now.  Your teenager may not be ready to hear about your latest date or the fact that you have already moved on with your life. Moreover, dating is complicated for adults.  Your teenager is still a young adult and does not have the experience or emotional capacity that you have to deal with all of the emotions that get caught up in a relationship.  It’s easy for children to develop attachments to others, and if it doesn’t work out with you and your dating prospect, it will only become yet another issue for your children to work through.  Not only will your children be processing your divorce and how it will affect their lives and what your divorce means for them, they will now need to process the relationship they formed with your date and try to decipher and understand why they don’t come around anymore.  Moreover,


Learn How to Effectively Deal with Divorce When You Have Teenage Children


You may have unanswered questions about divorce in New York, contact Sabra Divorce Law for a discovery session on dealing with divorce.  Contact the office today at (646) 472-7971.