New York Child Support Attorney

New York Child Support Attorney Shares How to Deal with Child Support Matters

There are so many factors to sort through when going through a divorce in New York.  If children are involved in a divorce, then child custody and child support issues also have to be worked through.  Child support can be an extremely stressful part of the divorce process.  It is imperative to understand your rights and responsibilities.  A knowledgeable New York child support attorney can help you with handling child support matters while adhering to the law.


Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) in New York State


The New York State Child Support Standards Act calculates a formula that takes both parents’ income, along with the number of children into account to determine the appropriate amount of child support.  An experienced NY divorce attorney can help educate you on the CSSA and you can also visit this resource.


Consider Your Financial Situation


It is important to be honest with yourself and realistic about your finances and financial situation.  If you are not in a position financially to pay a portion of or all the child support; bring this to the attention of your spouse and divorce attorney.

New York Child Support Attorney

Put the Interest of Your Children First


The court will always prioritize the welfare and well-being of the children; therefore, start planning for your children’s needs.  Some considerations include living expenses, food, clothing, schooling, and medical expenses. The court will also want to ensure that the children have the right to have both parents in their lives (while taking the safety of the children into account).


Consider Speaking to a New York Divorce Mediation Attorney


If you are finding it challenging to come to terms with your spouse regarding a child support agreement, consult a NY divorce mediation lawyer.  They can help you resolve child support matters and resolve matters in a timely manner so you can move on with your life.


Modification of Child Support Orders May Be Needed if Circumstances Change


A child support order may need to be modified if one parent loses their job or something causes the children’s needs to be altered based on specific circumstances. Consult your divorce attorney on what steps you need to take to modify your child support order if needed.



It is Important to Take Child Support Court Orders Seriously



If you fail to adhere to a court-appointed child support order, the consequences can be serious.  The court can authorize wage garnishment, seizure of assets, canceling State issued licenses and in extreme cases, it can order jail time.


Need Help Dealing with Child Support Matters in New York?


If you have tried to resolve child support matters with your spouse or ex-spouse but still have unresolved issues, contact Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971.  We realize that sorting through child support matters with your ex can be mentally draining and stressful.  We can handle negotiating on your behalf and make sure that your children’s best interests are priority.