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Prenuptial Agreements are Key to the Survival of a Family Business After Divorce

At their best, family-owned businesses provide the U.S.  economy with an influx of both tradition and currency owing to a sense of trust established between the family members and the surrounding communities. However, working alongside family can prove to be … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Co-Parenting Courses are Essential During and After Divorce

Many separated parents over the years have stated that co-parenting courses are essential during and after divorce and feel that they would not have made it through such a stressful time without the support they provided.  If you do not … Continue reading

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Factoring Cost of Living Adjustments into Your Child Support and Parenting Plan

Every twenty-four months the Child Support Enforcement (SCE) program, established to maintain state-wide child support enforcement laws automatically reviews each child support order.  What many separated couples remain unaware of however is the fact that this adjustment can be made … Continue reading

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Divorce Mediation as an Alternative When Family Businesses are Involved

Oftentimes when couples file for divorce they are doing more than acknowledging the end of a long-standing personal relationship – they are signalling the end of a business partnership.  This is something that immediately complicates the separation process.  The moment … Continue reading

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