5 Reasons Co-Parenting Courses are Essential During and After Divorce

co-parentingMany separated parents over the years have stated that co-parenting courses are essential during and after divorce and feel that they would not have made it through such a stressful time without the support they provided. 

If you do not wish to involve attorneys and feel that mediation will not offer a solution for quite some time, you may find some stability through participation in co-parenting courses.   

The Many Benefits of Co-Parenting Courses      

While it’s never easy for parents to re-establish their arrangements in the wake of a relationship breakdown, there are several reasons why you should consider attending co-parenting classes. 

  1. Maintaining your health and well-being: Divorce proceedings can take their toll and fortunately, co-parenting courses offer help to anyone struggling with any systemic barriers. 
  2. Maintaining your child’s community of support: It is essential for a child’s sense of stability, continuity and predictability to remain intact as much as possible throughout and after the process of divorce. 
  3. Supporting your child’s development: Co-parenting courses will provide you with the skills to be there for your child or children as quality relationships are necessary for successful child outcomes. 
  4. Establishing realistic expectations: You will be able to form more realistic expectations aiding in the transition to life as a co-parent.   
  5. Obtaining a more flexible attitude: You might find that co-parenting courses offer a way for you and your ex-partner to remain on friendly and supportive terms. 

Regardless of which stage in divorce you are in, chances are you will need to make some firm decisions regarding the future of your child or children.  In hindsight, you may come to agree with the idea that co-parenting courses are essential during and after divorce and be glad you took part. 

Sabra Sasson, Esq. is a Trained and Certified S.T.E.P. Leader offering regular workshops for parents implementing the seven-session curriculum that focuses on topics that are important for today’s parents.  The program provides valuable tools which improve communication among family members and lessens conflict.  The Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) program presents effective skills that can be used immediately.  For more information and for dates of the next workshop, contact the office at 646-472-7971. 

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