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5 Tips on How to Handle Your Fiancée When You Want a Prenup but They Don’t

5 Tips on How to Handle Your Fiancée When You Want a Prenup but They Don’t You just got engaged and are over the moon excited to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life, but you also have lots of planning to do.  Part of the wedding planning process is also having difficult conversations with your spouse about your future together. Let’s say that you want a prenup, but your spouse does not want to get a prenup; as much as you may want to dance around this topic, it is best to communicate openly with your fiancée. A marriage that is built on mutual trust and open communication is always a good thing.


If you are contemplating having the “prenup” conversation with your fiancée because you already know that they are against it; the tips below may be helpful to you.


5 Tips on Navigating the “Prenup” Conversation with Your Fiancée


Acknowledge Their Feelings and Why They Feel the Way They Do:  Some people may view a prenup as a lack of trust and it is important to realize it may have nothing to do with you.  It may have to do with how they were raised and how their parents’ relationship impacted and shaped them. In this case, it is critical to reassure your fiancée that you do trust them, and this has nothing to do with your love or commitment for them.


Be Able to Communicate Your “Why” for Wanting a Prenup: Just as you should empathize with your fiancée; they should also be able to take your feelings into account.  Base your reasoning on facts rather than emotions.  If you can present a logical dialogue that can show your fiancée that having a “prenup” in place is meant to benefit both parties and not just you.


Pick the Right Time to Have the “Prenup” Conversation: Know your cues and if your fiancée just had a bad day or came back exhausted after a long business trip, find another day to have that discussion.  A day when they are in a good mood and do not have too many other distractions. You can also let them know that you want to discuss some marriage plans, so they are not completely caught off guard. When you do talk, you also want to make sure that you take their feedback into consideration and are empathetic to their feelings.


Pick the Right Place to Have the “Prenup” Conversation: Just as you need to know your cues for the right timing, you will also want to have the conversation in the right place.  Talking about a prenup is a serious and sensitive topic.  Choosing the right place to have the conversation is also important and it is recommended to choose a place that is neutral – so, it may be on a park bench or at a local diner.  It is not recommended to have this conversation at home or at your favorite restaurant.  You want to keep those places safe, sacred, and loving. So choose a neutral quiet place where you can both still have privacy but does not have special meaning to the two of you.


Consider Working with a New York Prenup Attorney and Mediator Who Can Help: Sometimes it is easy to let your attorney have difficult conversations with your fiancée, and they may be able to address their concerns and come to a resolution that works for both of you.


Compromising is Key: Marriage is all about give and take, so be prepared to compromise with your future spouse.  You may not agree 100% on everything but if you can meet halfway, it may allow you to move forward in the “prenup” process.



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A New York Prenup Lawyer Shares Why More Middle-Class People Are Getting Prenups

Prenups are no longer just for high net-worth individuals and Hollywood celebrities.  People are coming to the realization that a marriage may not always be “happily ever after.”  This is why New Yorkers are getting more serious about protecting their future. The reality is that no one wants to think about getting divorced when they are getting married, however; it is important to be prepared “just in case” things don’t go as planned. Prenuptial agreements are becoming more mainstream because people are understanding the importance of protecting their future.  Whether they want to protect their beloved pet, the family business, their assets, their children, or their family inheritance. If you are confused about if a prenup is right for your personal situation, it is best to consult a New York prenup lawyer who can guide you based on your unique situation.

New York Prenup Lawyer

What is a Prenuptial Agreement and What Should it Include?


A prenuptial agreement (aka a prenup) is a legally binding document that a couple signs prior to getting married that dictates how they will divide their assets, debts, real estate properties, and even pets, in the event of a divorce.


A prenup agreement should include both assets and debts that each person is bringing into the marriage.  The prenup agreement should outline how certain assets and debts should be divided up if the couple ends up divorcing.


A knowledgeable New York prenuptial agreement lawyer can guide you on how to best set up a prenup agreement based on what factors are most important to you.  Your prenup attorney can also inform you of any change in New York laws that may impact you. 


New York Millennials and Middle-Class Couples Are Safeguarding Their Future


More and more millennials are opting for getting a prenup agreement before saying there are vows.  These millennials may be middle-class or upper-middle-class professionals and entrepreneurs and they are concerned with not losing everything they have worked so hard to build up. Because they were not born into a wealthy family, they want to make sure that they protect themselves and their assets in case their marriage must end unexpectedly.


Prenups are not only there to protect the wealthy spouse, but they are also there to protect the less well-off spouse as well. What goes into your prenuptial agreement and how it is outlined is imperative to having a solid prenup agreement. A knowledgeable New York prenup attorney can help you determine what needs to go in a prenup agreement to protect you and your future.


Once You Decide You Want a Prenup How Do You Have That Talk with Your Future Spouse


The best way to approach your spouse about a prenup agreement is to ask them first what their thoughts are about financial matters related to being married. Then you can open the conversation by further asking if they have any concerns about their financial future if the marriage were to end. By having an open and honest discussion with your future spouse you can see where their head is at, and you can also let them know how you're feeling. After all, a marriage is a partnership, and you should be able to speak to your partner openly about getting a prenup agreement. Ultimately, it shows that you are looking out for both of your interests.



Why You Should be Completely Honest and Open About Your Assets and Liabilities


If you fail to disclose the details of your total assets and liabilities it can later be used against you in court. It is best to be upfront with your New York prenup attorney so that they can help you structure a prenup agreement that is best designed to protect you and your spouse.


Wondering if a Prenup is Right for You?


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How to Protect Your Future as a Married Couple in New York with a Prenup

As a New York prenup attorney, I have seen people fall in and out of love.  Some people associate prenups with a negative connotation and think that it reflects a lack trust or love.  However, the reality is that a prenup can be a token of love and commitment to protecting each other in the future. It is a terrific planning tool and the discussions that emerge during the creation of prenup terms serves to strengthen the relationship.


Why Prenuptial Agreements Are an Important Part of Getting Married


A prenup agreement is a legally binding contract that dictates how assets and property will be divided and distributed in the event of a future breakup.  A prenup agreement all of the financial matters in a marital relationship which can include (or exclude) real estate and investment property, savings, investments, businesses, and debts.

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Believing that Prenups Are “Just for the Wealthy” is a Myth


Prenups are no longer just for the wealthy, and couples from all income levels can reap the benefits of having a prenup in place, just in case. A prenup can also help a spouse ensure that their family business remains in their family.  On the other hand, it can also protect a spouse from the enormous debt their partner may have acquired over time. They can be beneficial for couples of all income levels and in the event this is a second or third marriage for either partner and where there are children from prior relationships. A prenuptial agreement is a viable way to protect your credit and your future financial health. 



Prenups Can Help Couples Avoid a Long-Drawn-Out Costly Divorce


One of the reasons a divorce ends up in court and can take years of litigation is because the couple is battling over assets, property, savings accounts, businesses and other investments. Not only is this a long process but it can also take an emotional and financial toll on all involved. When a couple has a prenup in place which effectively and clearly addresses how assets, property, and investments will be divided between them; it will settle those issues between them and expedite the divorce process.  Divorce doesn’t have to be emotionally and financially draining; consider a prenup as “insurance” for your marriage.



Consider a Prenup as a Symbol of Love and Commitment to Your Partner


By openly communicating about protecting each other’s financial future and discussing your commitment to each other, it can also serve to bond and strengthen your relationship.


You Can Have Your New York Prenup Attorney Modify Your Prenup as Your Life Situation Changes


Once you have been married for many years, you may need to adjust your prenup based on your financial situation and other factors that may impact your original prenup agreement. This will allow your prenup to remain relevant and ensure that it meets your needs for the long-term.


Consider a Prenup Agreement if You Are Getting Married or Recently Engaged


A prenup can help you avoid a lengthy and expensive divorce process and protect your assets. It also enables you to symbolize your love and commitment to each other. If you want more information about creating a prenup agreement, call Sabra Law Group to speak to a New York Prenup lawyer at (646) 472-7971.