What To Do When Your Spouse in New York Doesn’t Want a Divorce

What to Do When Your Spouse in New York Doesn't Want a Divorce


Divorce is not always two-sided; sometimes one spouse wants out of the marriage while the other wants to hold on for dear life.  Going through a divorce is challenging enough, but when you couple it with two spouses who want opposite things, it can become a bit stressful. Below are some tips for what to do when your spouse in New York doesn’t want a divorce.


Get to the Bottom of Their “Why” for Wanting to Stay in the Marriage


The first step is to have open communication with your spouse and determine why they are so reluctant to get divorced.  Is it because of the children?  Is it a financial situation?  Are they still madly in love with you?  Is it because divorce in frowned upon in their culture?


Be Prepared to Deal with Their Emotions


Depending on the unique situation of your marriage, your spouse may also exhibit outbursts or anger towards your decision to divorce.  If this does happen, remember to be the better person, and stay, calm, cool and collected.  Try to see their point of view and show empathy if possible. However, be cognizant of if their behavior seems threatening or abusive and seek professional help if you feel unsafe. 


Consider Getting the Assistance of a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in New York City


A skilled New York divorce mediator can help you both come to a mutual understanding regarding your divorce and assist with handling the difficult aspects of divorce.  Call Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971. 


Do Not Feel Guilty for Wanting to Divorce


Just because your spouse does not want a divorce does not mean that you have to feel guilty for wanting one. At the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you, your mental health and peace of mind. If you have been thinking of getting divorced; you probably have a good reason so just remember what that reason is and stay strong.


Come Up With a Plan for How to Get on the Same Page


Even if you have to go to counseling together or retain a divorce mediator, have some type of a plan for how you're going to get on the same page. If your spouse is slow to warm up to the idea of divorce, try to have a weekly conversation with them so that you can try to convince them why divorce is best for everyone involved, including the children.


Are You Having a Challenging Time Getting Divorced in New York


Call Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971 to speak to a New York divorce mediation lawyer who has years of experience helping New Yorkers like you come to an amicable resolution regarding divorce.



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