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Real Estate – What to Expect in Terms of Timing

New York is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world.  The state is also known for its bustling work environment and large financial deals.  New York deals often include many parties to the deal, given … Continue reading

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Ideal Questions to Ask Your Partner before Saying “I Do”

With ideas about beautiful dresses, elegant reception sites and fantastic honeymoons, it can be easy to overlook the practical considerations of marriage.  However, as unromantic as it may seem, marriage is a contractual relationship between two people and has significant … Continue reading

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How Divorce Can Be Amicable

When two people decide not to stay together, the break-up can be quite contentious.  Many spouses feel wronged and betrayed once divorce is impending.  One spouse may be feeling hurt, anger or resentment toward the other spouse and acceptance that … Continue reading

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Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Discusses How Divorce for Seniors Creates Financial Risks

Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Discusses How Divorce for Seniors Creates Financial Risks Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Sabra Sasson shares her perspective on issues to consider with senior divorce rates on the rise.  There was a time when divorce among seniors was considered … Continue reading

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Manhattan Child Custody Attorney Shares 3 Tips on Successful Joint Custody Arrangements

                        Manhattan Child Custody Attorney Sabra Sasson Shares 3 Tips on Successful Joint Custody Arrangements   Put Your Child's Interest First It is imperative to remember that the child's best interest is … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Joint Custody

Determining If Joint Custody Is A Good Idea For Children Or Not: The most important factor for children's well being during and after divorce is limiting the amount of conflict between parents.  Children desire to have love and approval from … Continue reading

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