Contemplating Divorce? Consider Divorce Mediation in New York

contemplatingAre you contemplating divorce? Whatever the underlying reasons for considering a drastic and permanent end to your marriage, the biggest mistake couples make when seeking to end their marriage is rushing.  It is understandable, in a sense: After years of marriage and trying to ‘make it work’ the idea of finally ending the situation and moving on with your life can be tempting indeed, and many people rush into divorce, desperate to simply get it over with.

This can have one of two negative side effects, however.  In one scenario you work cooperatively to divorce, but your rush to freedom from each other means you ‘paper over’ certain points of conflict and agree to terms or circumstances that you find extremely irritating or unhappy once you actually settle into the divorce.  In another scenario, things like finances or visitation are not carefully considered and are instead set up in a sloppy manner that causes problems for years to come.

Divorce Mediation in New York

This makes divorce mediation doubly useful.  Divorce mediation is not only faster, cheaper, and less stressful than a litigated divorce, it also affords both spouses the opportunity to speak their minds and consider all the aspects of their divorce.  It often exposes issues and feelings that are otherwise overlooked or ignored, and as a result the agreements that sprout from mediation are often more thoughtful and more effective – and more long-lasting – than those created in the stressful, chaotic process of a courtroom divorce.

If you and your spouse can still sit down and discuss your marriage and its ending effectively, divorce mediation with a seasoned professional neutral is always worth pursuing.  And, your mediator may also be able to draw up a separation agreement based upon the agreements reached in mediation that can be used in connection to your divorce filing. 

Learn more about the differences between Mediation and Litigation in our Free eBook which you can get here or just give us a call at 646-472-7971.

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