A Real Estate Attorney in New York for Buying and Selling

37610536_sProperty remains one of the most stable and popular assets in the world.  Whether it is a residential home for your family, an investment property for rent or land speculation, the property may have its ups and downs on the market but typically retains its value.  As the old saying goes, they are not making any more land.

However, no matter your level of property investment – whether you are in the market for a house or looking to develop an empty lot – the process of buying or selling property can be complex, with plenty of potential dangers for the inexperienced.  One of essential steps you can take when looking to buy or sell a property is to retain the services of an experienced real estate attorney in New York.

Benefits of an Attorney

Many people assume all an attorney does is review the final sale contract and expedite the closing process, but this is not true.  While some property transactions are in fact this simple, a qualified New York real estate attorney can offer much more, including:

  • General advice on the process, giving you insight as to whether requests or assertions by the other party are common or even legal.
  • Negotiate the actual terms of the contract of sale, contemplating all of the particular circumstances going on in your life and including specific protection
  • Assistance with title research, clearing title issues and effectuating the transfer.
  • Setting up and managing escrow accounts for earnest money or other investment tools.
  • Dealing with other attorneys or the seller/buyer directly when problems arise that potentially require concessions or discounts.

While it may seem to some property owners that an attorney does very little for their fee, this is only when the transactions are very straightforward.  The worst moment to realize you should have an attorney is when a problem threatens the deal – or when it is too late and the deal is completed.

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