When Considering Divorce Do You Move Out of the Marital Home or Do You Stay?

Marital HomeWhen considering a divorce, it's possible that your situation makes it incredibly difficult to continue cohabitating in the marital home. This is especially true if the circumstances surrounding the split are acrimonious, but it may simply be that you're experiencing an undue amount of stress and would like to have some more space.

Does that mean that you should move? It may not make sense to do so in all situations, and it is never wise to make a major change, like moving out of the house, on the spur of the moment. Instead, it may make sense to consider how moving out of the marital home might affect divorce proceedings.

For instance, consider that moving out of the home may provide your soon-to-be ex-spouse with exclusive access to the property. He or she may be able to get an order that grants temporary exclusive possession of the home. This means that the other partner cannot return there. 

Consider that even if such a motion isn't granted, you'll probably have to leave some of your personal possessions at the residence. Do you trust your former spouse to provide proper care of these items? Additionally, do you trust your partner not to cause serious damage to the structure, thereby hurting the home's value on the market if it must be sold?

It's also worth considering whether or not moving out of the marital home might affect your custody rights. Leaving your children in the home with the other partner indicates to the court that you consider that individual to be a fit parent. Accordingly, your spouse now has de facto custody of the minor children. If you have any concerns about your partner's ability to be an effective parent, then it is rarely advisable to risk moving out of the family home before custody issues are decided. 

If domestic violence has played any role in your relationship with your former partner, then it is always wise to seek somewhere else to live. However, in all other situations, it is almost always recommended to remain in the home until settlement of the divorce.

If you are considering a divorce and are wondering whether or not you should move out of the family home, contact the Sabra Law Group at 646-472-7971. With a focus on mediating the toughest marriage dissolution questions, legal professionals are prepared to help you make a wise and informed decision.


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