How to Manage Your Social Media Use During Your Child Custody Case

Social media is a huge part of everyday life, however; your social media presence may be criticized during a child custody case. And if you're wondering if what you post on social media can have a negative impact on your … Continue reading

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Should You Tell Your Friends That You Are Getting Divorced?

When it comes to getting divorced there are many considerations that come to mind. There are so many people that you may need to break the news of divorce to; however, is it always best to tell your friends that … Continue reading

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3 Tactics Your Manipulative Spouse May Use During the Divorce Process in New York

Do you have a manipulative ex? Learn how to outsmart your spouse by knowing the tactics that they may use during the divorce process in New York.    If you're soon to be ex-spouse is a master manipulator or a … Continue reading

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5 Signs That Your Spouse May Want a Divorce

Has your spouse been acting more distant and aloof lately?  Don’t be blindsided and learn how to recognize the warning signs of divorce. If you recognize the warning signs of divorce you can try to salvage your marriage before it … Continue reading

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Should You Forgive Your Spouse for Cheating or File for Divorce?

Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce in America. Many married couples have to wonder if they should forgive their spouse for cheating or if they should file for divorce. Deciding to divorce is a major life decision … Continue reading

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Evaluating Assets During a High Net Worth Divorce in Manhattan NY

  Any item that has a monetary value whether it is tangible or intangible is considered an asset. A couple who is divorcing has the option to cash in their assets by selling them. They can also withdraw funds from … Continue reading

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What Are the Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce in Manhattan

Once you have made the decision to divorce, the next step is to determine what type of divorce you want.  The type of divorce you decide to go with will depend on the relationship you have with your spouse. If … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Couples Get Divorced in Manhattan

  There can be many different reasons for married couples getting divorced in Manhattan, however, some reasons are more prevalent than others.   5 Reasons Couples File for Divorce in Manhattan, New York Infidelity One of the most common factors … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Your Child Custody Battle in New York

One of the most significant issues divorcing couples cannot agree upon is child custody. Both parents usually want the best for their children, however, many divorcing couples find that they have different ideas about what is best for the child, … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Marital Debt and Divorce in New York

In a divorce, just as marital assets are split up so is marital debt.  While both spouses may be awarded a division of the marital assets and be burdened with a division of the marital debt, it is also important … Continue reading

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