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How to Negotiate a Child Custody Arrangement with Your Spouse

One of the reasons why many divorces are so challenging is because it's difficult for the soon-to-be former spouses to agree on a child custody arrangement. Without any question, both parents want what is best for their children. The court … Continue reading

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Handling Holiday Child Custody Arrangements in Manhattan

With the holidays quickly approaching, there are so many things to handle.  One of the most important things to handle is child custody arrangements for the holidays.  Below are some tips on handling child custody arrangements in Manhattan Plan ahead:  … Continue reading

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How to Determine if a Parenting Plan in New York Can Be Changed

While there may be many complicated issues to work out in a divorce, the one thing that most couples can agree on is that they both want what is best for the children. In order to ensure the welfare of … Continue reading

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Custody in New York and the S.T.E.P. Program

Divorce changes everything.   After years or perhaps decades of life together, including making mutual decisions that often include compromise on both sides, both parties are facing a completely different path forward.   When children are involved, these paths are even more … Continue reading

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