5 Factors That May Lead to Divorce in Manhattan 

filing for divorceWhile there is really no way to predict if a marriage will sustain for the long term or not, there are divorce predictors to watch out for.  

Money and Financial Issues

Money can always cause problems in a marriage.  Sometimes, it is the lack of money and the stress of bills piling up that causes stress on a marriage.  Other times, it may be that one spouse has too much money, but the other spouse spends it way too frivolously.  The key to resolving money issues in a marriage is to be able to communicate effectively and calmly. 

Different Values and Belief Systems

You have heard the saying that opposites attract, however, when it comes to values and belief systems, it can be challenging to navigate a marriage if your beliefs are so far apart.  Sometimes, one spouse’s values and belief systems shift and change over time.  This can cause a couple to drift apart or start having more arguments.  Raising children with opposing beliefs can become a tug-of-war.  

Getting Married Too Young 

When you get married in your teens or even early twenties, it is common to grow as a person and as you grow, your interests may change, your belief systems may change, and your values may change.  These changes can cause married couples to drift apart, and it can also put a strain on the relationship.  While you may have seen eye to eye back when you got married, fast forward 10 years later, and a lot of can change.  When you get married young, you haven’t really had the opportunity to experience the world on your own and discover yourself.  This can lead to one or both spouses wanting to find their passions and re-discover new interests. 

Holding Resentments and Grudges

It is natural for married couples to fight from time to time or have disagreements, but what really matters is how couples recover from their quarrels.  If one spouse apologizes but the other spouse fosters resentment and holds a grudge, this can put a huge strain on a marriage. If you accept an apology from your spouse, you must also genuinely learn to let go of any resentments.  

Lack of Intimacy

If you and your spouse are spending less and less time together in the bedroom and can’t remember the last time you had a date night, your marriage could be heading towards major problems.  Lack of intimacy in a marriage can also cause infidelity in a marriage.  If you see your love life slipping, it may be time get a babysitter and plan some date nights or even a vacation with your spouse. 

Considering Divorce in Manhattan? 

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