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Why Keeping Your Divorce Out of Court Can Save You Time and Money 

Too frequently, people assume that the only way to complete divorce proceedings is in court. They envision numerous court dates in which all the details of their divorce are argued over and decided. This perception may prevail in divorces that … Continue reading

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Preparing for Divorce in Manhattan: Know What Steps to Take

Are you preparing for divorce in Manhattan?  Divorce can be an emotional and time-consuming process that requires proper planning and consideration.  Having to deal with a divorce can also be a complicated process.  Use the tips below to plan and … Continue reading

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Manhattan Divorce Mediator Discusses The Importance of Cooperation in Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is only effective if both parties cooperate with each other.  The overall concept of divorce mediation is based on the foundation of being reasonable, transparent, and upfront.  Of course, one’s idea of what is reasonable may differ from … Continue reading

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