How to Prepare for Your Child Custody Battle in New York

Custody Battle in New York

One of the most significant issues divorcing couples cannot agree upon is child custody. Both parents usually want the best for their children, however, many divorcing couples find that they have different ideas about what is best for the child, visitation schedules, and child support amounts. 

Couples going through a bitter divorce may even use child custody and support issues to drag out the divorce proceedings. Emotions run very high in a divorce, and anger can make people think differently than at any other time. Consider using a divorce mediator if you need to prepare for a child custody battle in New York.

Divorce mediation is often the best choice for divorce proceedings that are stuck on a subject or have difficulty proceeding to the next step. Both parties come to a standstill, and the case drags on and causes delays in the divorce moving forward and causes both parties to become frustrated.


Since both attorneys are vested in their client's best interest, bringing in a divorce mediator is the perfect option. A divorce mediator has no connection to either party. They offer an outside opinion on a subject that is highly emotional for all others involved.

Divorce Mediators Bring Calm to the Table

Since the divorce mediator does not have any vested interest in either party, they can look at the information and make valid suggestions to settle the child custody issues. The mediator can look at what is really in the child's best interest and offer advice on how both parents can make this work.

A mediator can present facts to both sides of the issue that is unbiased. In most cases, both parties will respond very well to this type of information. When either party believes that the decision is not harming them, they will start making the choices necessary to get the divorce proceedings moving and bring an end to the case.

Facing A Child Custody Battle In New York?

If you are facing a child custody battle in New York, it will be in your best interest to contact Sabra Law Group at 646.472.7971. They are certified divorce mediators and have been successfully helping people settle their differences and come up with viable solutions so that they can finalize their divorce.











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