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A Manhattan Divorce Mediator Shares the Importance of Co-Parenting Effectively

When children are involved in a divorce, both parents need to come together to co-parent.  Children need both of their parents, and it is essential to their well-being to have both parents actively participate in the co-parenting process. A Manhattan … Continue reading

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How to Manage Co-Parenting in New York with a Narcissistic Ex-Spouse

Maybe you decided to divorce your spouse because they had quite the personality.  A personality that can be defined as narcissistic.  Narcissistic personalities are very difficult to handle for several reasons.  For one, they only think of themselves and their … Continue reading

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Why Mediation is the Best Option for a Peaceful and Harmonious Divorce

Divorce is a painful life transition. While it's normal to experience negative emotions such as loss, fear, and anger, this doesn't mean that divorce has to be acrimonious. It is possible to have a peaceful divorce. Keep in mind that … Continue reading

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How to Have Win-Win Mediation for Your Divorce

Divorce is never easy. It's an emotionally draining process that is painful for everyone involved. This is especially true in cases where couples decide to litigate the outcome.  Too often, separating spouses believe that the courtroom is the only place … Continue reading

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