A Manhattan Divorce Mediator Shares the Importance of Co-Parenting Effectively

When children are involved in a divorce, both parents need to come together to co-parent.  Children need both of their parents, and it is essential to their well-being to have both parents actively participate in the co-parenting process. A Manhattan divorce mediator shares some tips below on how to co-parent more effectively.

How to Co-Parent More Effectively in New York

1. Have Open Communication:  Communication is the key when it comes to co-parenting.  It is so important to be open about what it is important to you when it comes to parenting.  Have open discussions about what you want to incorporate into your children’s life.  Have discussions about what types of extra-curricular activities you want your children to partake in.  Talk about what morals and values you want to instill in your children.  Discuss how your children will be disciplined if they misbehave. 


2. You May Not Agree on Everything, but Respect is Important: When it comes to co-parenting, both parents may not always agree on every single thing but it is important to respect each other’s opinions.


3. Involve Your Children in Decisions That Impact Them: If your children are old enough to have a say in what’s important to them, make sure you talk to them to determine how you can both be better parents.  Whether this means being more present in the moment or spending more time with your children.


4. Determine the Preferred Communication Method: Both parents need to determine if they prefer to communicate via email, text messaging or in person. If is also advisable to be cognizant if your ex-spouse is better at responding quicker via certain channels versus slower with others.


5. Show Grace: There may be times when your ex has had a rough day and may be a bit snippy.  Instead of being snippy back, try to put yourself in their shoes and show some compassion.  The more supportive of each other you can be the smoother the entire co-parenting process will go.


6. Be Willing to Pivot as Needed: New York City is still navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic and depending on what industry your ex-spouse is in; it may impact their involvement when it comes to co-parenting.  Be accommodating during this time if everything does not go as planned.


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