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A New York Ruling Could Keep Wealthy Couples from Shopping for Divorce Court Judges

A recent ruling from an appellate court may put an end to the long-standing habit of "forum shopping" in divorce matters. It's become common practice in New York for wealthy people seeking divorce to file the paperwork in a smaller, … Continue reading

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5 Tactics On Dealing with Conflict During Divorce

  Mastering the skill of resolving conflict and effective communication is essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship.  One of the main reasons people end up divorcing is that they are unable to resolve their conflicts in an … Continue reading

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Important Factors to Consider Before Filing a Divorce In New York

So you endured the holidays with your spouse for the sake of your children but now the holidays are over, you are seriously considering filing for a divorce. New York Divorce Attorney Sabra Sasson Shares Important Factors to Consider What … Continue reading

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How to Handle a Custody Battle Over Your Pet in New York

The new custody battle is one over pet custody; if it wasn’t hard enough determining custody or a custody arrangement for a child, now more and more pet owners are finding themselves in a predicament of a pet custody battle. … Continue reading

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New York Divorce Lawyer Shares How to Rediscover Yourself After a Divorce

So after 25 years of marriage you find yourself searching for a “New York Divorce Lawyer” and you are now faced with spending life without your spouse, now what happens?  Many people can lose their identity in a marriage and … Continue reading

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