Don’t Agree

“We don’t agree on everything, we don’t want to go to court but we want separate representation. How does that work?”

This is a hybrid combination of the traditional going to court route and a collaborative solution.

Both you and your spouse want to get to divorced and you each want to be separately represented by counsel of your own selection and you both agree that you do not want to go to court to end your marriage.

Sabra Law Group has been representing husbands and wives individually, and we can represent you in your divorce negotiations as well. We will represent you and your interests. Just as you might “lawyer up” and go to court, we will represent you in your divorce matter and assist you in understanding the law, determining a fair solution to issues of equitable distribution of assets, spousal support, and child support and visitation issues.

After reaching an agreement on all of the issues, we will draw up your settlement papers and submit them to the Court on your behalf.

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