Both Agree

“We agree on all of the issues, just prepare the paperwork and file our divorce for us.”

You and your spouse may have already discussed this next possibility and you have both agreed to separate, end the marriage and work out all of the issues. Why shouldn’t you be able to put your agreement in writing and simply end the marriage swiftly?


You should be able to, and you can.

If you and your spouse meet the jurisdictional requirements to file for divorce here in New York State, then so long as you have reached an agreement on the terms of your divorce, you can simply prepare the documents for court, file them, wait for a judge to review them and obtain your judgment of divorce.

You may be thinking, “Can we prepare the documents ourselves?”

Yes, you can. The courts have paperwork and form documents that you can fill in and file with the court. However, these are just basic forms and may not address all of the issues pertaining to your particular circumstances.

If you and your spouse believe that you have resolved all of the issues that a court will want to see have been decided, then you can complete the paperwork at the court house, or you can call our office at 646-472-7971 and let’s get started.

And in case you were also wondering, what are the issues that the court will want to see decided? Visit our FAQ page for answers to our most common questions and watch the video FAQ on this page – up there on the right.