Kris Jenner now believes divorce can be done in a “grown up” way. And it can!

17083814_sI know, first hand, because I went through my divorce about 11 years ago. Recently, an Entertainment journalist, Michael Rothman, reported that Kris Jenner now believes divorce can be done in a "grown up" way. And it can. When both people are able to come to terms and accept the reality that the marriage is over they can put their heads together and get it done.  Kind of like when they planned to get married – except that time it was fun.  They worked together to plan their "big day", and now, similarly, in their divorce they can work together to unravel and untangle themselves from each other.  You see, once each party comes to the phase of “acceptance” (learn more about the phases of divorce here) they can work together to unravel their marriage toward unattached.  It's so much easier when you take your time and follow each strand to unravel it rather than brashly pulling at the strings – which only creates knots that become much more difficult to unwind and unravel.  

Just like getting married, when you take your time and honestly inspect and review the various aspects of your lives together you can figure out how to unravel them smoothly. With your new life that you will be creating post-divorce you will soon see that it is possible that you can do it constructively.  Some couples can do it on their own and others can do it with the assistance of various professionals – such as a divorce mediator, financial adviser to help you understand the numbers, attorney to draft the court papers, and a divorce coach or therapist who can help you turn the vision of your future into reality.

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