Is There Such A Thing As An "Easy Divorce"?

If you are contemplating divorce or are in any stage of the divorce process, then chances are that you are wondering if there is an easier way to get it done. Divorces can be very long, laborious, emotionally intensive, time constraining etc. The unfortunate reality is that they can include numerous trips to court, time off from work, and stress.  However, there is a solution.

During any typical divorce you may find that you spend a lot of time in litigation preparing for court appearances, collecting evidence, and gathering witnesses to testify. Going through a typical divorce you will find that the court is the one dictating where you need to be and what day you need to be there. You will be stuck with their timeframes and their rules.

Along the way you may find yourself facing a large amount of stress from not knowing what is going to happen. There may be uncertainty from the proceedings or from the numerous changes in your schedule that the court imposes upon you. If you have children you will need to concern yourself with who is going to be watching your children during the time that the litigation takes away from your life. To add to the stress, if there is motion practice the other side may even try to threaten you for contempt and get you thrown in jail.

The solution is to eliminate most of these concerns with either mediation or collaborative divorce. When you make this choice, instead of worry, mediation or a collaborative divorce puts you in charge. With an attorney mediated divorce the attorney will help walk both partners through the process of dividing their lives. Instead of a judge dictating who will receive what, which neither of you may agree with, you will both work more peaceably towards something you both agree with. You will both decide the schedule and you can then go as fast or as slow as you want or need to. You will be able to schedule the divorce around your life instead of scheduling your life around the divorce.

A mediated or collaborative divorce will eliminate the unneeded stress and help to resolve all differences more equally…

For more information on a Mediated or Collaborative Divorce Process download my free eBook 7 Benefits to Using Mediation Rather Than Litigation. If you’d like to initiate this type of divorce please contact me.





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