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3 Tactics Your Manipulative Spouse May Use During the Divorce Process in New York

Do you have a manipulative ex? Learn how to outsmart your spouse by knowing the tactics that they may use during the divorce process in New York.    If you're soon to be ex-spouse is a master manipulator or a … Continue reading

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How to Negotiate House Rules During COVID-19 With Your Soon-to-Be Ex

Were you in the midst of contemplating divorce when COVID-19 hit? If so, then you may find yourself stuck at home with someone who's difficult to get along with. Fortunately, it's possible to negotiate house rules that will see you … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Effective Co-Parenting After Divorce

Even though divorce may end the legal bond between you and your former spouse, you are still tethered forever if you have children together.       If you do have children, the most important consideration should be regarding their well-being … Continue reading

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