Working Your Way through Difficult Conversations with New York Divorce Mediation

New York divorce mediation often involves difficult topics.  Talking about these types of issues can be even more difficult when going through the painful and often contentious process of divorce.  However, New York divorce mediation can assist spouses in handling these difficult conversations by using the following techniques:

Focusing on the Big Picture

Sometimes couples get caught up in the small issues involved in a divorce.  A divorce mediator can help uncover the underlying interests of the parties so that he or she can try to have these interests paralleled and served.  This allows each party to be willing to concede on smaller issues and hold out on those issues that are of more importance to them.  

Providing a Safe Environment to Express Yourself

It is often difficult to resolve issues when the parties are not being forthright.  They may try to shield themselves from more pain, or they may try to hide information in case mediation is not successful.  However, this tactic usually backfires.  While there may be certain information to protect in mediation, it is also important to be as open as possible to make progress in the case.  Often when the parties can express themselves in a respectful manner, both parties can have a better understanding of the other’s perspective which in turn fosters communication and cooperation toward a mutual resolution.  

Have Realistic Expectations

While you may hope to get everything you want in mediation, it is likely that you will have to make some sacrifices.  By approaching difficult conversations with realistic expectations, you are more likely to be able to resolve issues.  Do not expect your ex to see issues in the same way that you do.  Also, do not expect immediate cooperation.  You may have to suggest a number of solutions before an agreement is ever in sight.  

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